Notting Hill Genesis has launched bids for £1.2bn building safety framework and planned investment programmes over the next 15 years

The framework, which will run for four years with an option to extend, is split into five lots each with specialist contractors.

The five lots will cover:

  • Planned investment works: Building envelope and communal spaces.
  • Planned investment works: Kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Building safety works: Cladding remediation and wider capital works.
  • Building safety works: Cladding remediation only.
  • Fire risk assessment remediation works: (Active and passive fire safety).

Residents have been encouraged to take part in the consultation process and help identify any additional services that may shape the nature of the framework.

All organisations in the framework will be expected to meet sustainability targets, and ensure that work will create social value for the local community through jobs, training opportunities and projects.

‘Works to be carried out swiftly and professionally’

Katie Bond, group director for sales and building safety, said: “Keeping our residents and buildings safe is our first priority and this framework, the largest assets framework in our history, outlines the scale and ambition of our programme.

“We have established a dedicated building safety team who will be supported by our framework to carry out the vital work needed to ensure our buildings meet the latest regulations.

“This is a complex, long-term programme that will run for many years and our framework will enable us to be more dynamic once problems are identified and allow works to be carried out swiftly and professionally.”

‘Energy performance certification of a C-rating or above’

Elly Hoult, group director of assets, added: “We invest huge amounts each year in the upkeep of our housing stock whether through external redecoration, replacing windows or roofs and making sure kitchens and bathrooms meet modern standards.

“Raising the standards of our homes helps us meet our environmental aspirations, such as having all our homes having energy performance certification of a C-rating or above by 2030 and ensure our residents have somewhere they are proud to call home.

“We look forward to working with those on our framework to best meet the needs of our residents over the coming years.”

Procurement for the framework will start in January and will be ready to formally commence in October 2022.


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