modular homes east Cambridgeshire

Etopia Homes has begun work on its Juniper Place site in East Cambridgeshire to deliver 30 ‘net-zero’ modular homes

Located in Wilburton, Juniper Place is Etopia’s first in East Cambridgeshire and will provide the local community with some of the UK’s most energy-efficient modular homes.

The homes being delivered will achieve an Energy Performance Certificate Rating (EPC) rating well above the highest category of ‘A’. In the UK, only 1% of new builds are ‘A’ rated, while the average rating is ‘D’.

The homes at Juniper Place will also be the first in the UK to achieve an EDGE Advanced Certification, which requires each home to achieve at least a 40% saving on energy when compared to current building regulations, and at least a 20% saving in water and embodied carbon.

Before arriving on site, the components will be manufactured at Etopia Homes’ Cheshire factory, which uses the company’s ‘hyper structurally insulated’ panelised system. Once complete, the panels will be delivered to Wilburton and installed to form a home’s ‘superstructure’ – a process that takes as little as three days.

‘Energy-efficient living is accessible’


Joseph Daniels, CEO and founder at Etopia Group, said: “As the UK economy continues on its transition to net-zero and energy prices rise at their fastest rate since the onset of the pandemic, there has never been a more urgent time to ramp up the delivery of energy-efficient housing, renewable energy and reduced energy costs.

“Green homes should be made readily available for all, including households on lower incomes.

“If the UK is to meet its legally-binding net zero targets, then it’s up to housebuilders to show that energy-efficient living is accessible and need not come at high prices.

“At Juniper Place we’ve set out to demonstrate this in practical terms.”

Works at Juniper Place are expected to be completed in early 2022.


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