Connectors and fasteners for CLT construction


Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors, fasteners and building solutions, has launched a comprehensive offering of regulated and quality tested connectors and fasteners

The connectors and fasteners catalogue, ‘Connector & Fasteners for CLT Construction Catalogue’ serves the growing demand for CLT construction.

Backed by a robust product range and distribution system, along with first-rate service, support, and training, the collection of versatile, high-performance products will allow for design flexibility while enabling CLT projects to be built stronger, faster, and more easily than ever.

What is CLT?

First introduced in the 1990s, cross-laminated timber (CLT) and other mass timber products provide the enhanced rigidity necessary for creating larger and taller wood-framed buildings.

Recognised as a green building product for its ability to sequester carbon, CLT is proliferating as specifiers seek sustainable structural building materials and builders embrace the efficiency and reduced waste of factory-based construction solutions.

Rigorously tested and designed to provide strength across a wide range of designs, Simpson Strong-Tie’s connectors and fasteners for CLT are now available, offering Europe’s largest range of solutions for CLT connections.

Linked to its established national network of construction suppliers, for what-you-need and when-you-need-it, Simpson Strong-Tie is leveraging dual passions of service and innovation to meet the industries unique demands.

Jon Head, sales director said: “With over 25 years of designing and manufacturing here in the UK, Simpson Strong-Tie is now proud to offer smart solutions for CLT.

“In addition to a nationwide supply network, ready to deliver high-performance connectors and fasteners at a moment’s notice, Simpson Strong-Tie is looking forward to bringing our tradition of product quality, training, service, and boots-on-the-ground sales and technical support to this unique and fast-growing construction method.”

Key products launching under the Simpson Strong-Tie Cross-Laminated Timber collection include:

  • The AB255SSH structural angle bracket is designed for installing CLT elements on wood using the SSH structural screws. Offering high versatility and superior performance in both horizontal and vertical directions.

connectors and fasteners, CLT, connectors and fasteners, CLT,

  • The HTT hold down range are optimised for superior strength to withstand uplift forces for timber panels, used in pairs or individually, with the ‘tongue enveloping’ design at the bottom significantly increases the load-bearing capacities.
  • The BTALU concealed beam hanger can be used to create a completely invisible connection for larger section beams. It can also be used at the base of a wall for a completely concealed assembly, where it resists against uplift and lateral forces.

connectors and fasteners, CLT, connectors and fasteners, CLT,

  • Quik Drive Systems offer a solution for fixing hangers and angle brackets to timber frames with collated screws such as the CSA-T and the WSNTL twin lead thread screws, making installation both quicker and safer, with less H&S risks.

Additional innovations making up the Simpson Strong-Tie Cross-Laminated Timber launch include the Premium Fasteners – SSH Screw for use with a wide variety of connectors where a high load capacity is required and designed as an ideal solution for CLT applications.

To learn more about how Simpson Strong-Tie can improve your Cross-Laminated Timber project call 01827 255 600.

The new connectors and fasteners catalogue is now available to download at


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