Landmark launches coal report for environmental consultants


Landmark Information has introduced a Consultants Coal Mining Report through its Envirocheck service to provide environmental consultants with essential data

The Consultants Coal Mining Report will provide environmental consultants with essential data and guidance – over and above the CON29M – on historic coal mining activity, mining legacy management and potential issues at a given site or address, for use in geotechnical analysis or risk assessments for planning purposes.

The Consultants Coal Mining Report has been designed by environmental consultants and geotechnical engineers.

The report includes information on the following:

  • Recorded and probable coal mining activity
  • Investigations and remedial activity
  • Coal mining geology
  • Licensing and future mining activity
  • Coal Authority management tips
  • Data relating to mine water treatment schemes.

More detailed geotechnical analysis

Tom Telford, account director from Landmark Information, said: “If a site is in a Development High-Risk Area, a Coal Mining Risk Assessment must be submitted to the Local Planning Authority.

“While the CON29M screening report has been used as the basis for building a risk assessment, this only provides an initial understanding of coal mining impacts.

“It does not however meet the requirements for creating a more detailed geotechnical analysis and site history for clients. The Consultants Coal Mining Report addresses this.

“Now, environmental consultants can access Envirocheck as a vital source of historic information for site assessments, and the Consultants Coal Mining Report at the same time to fully characterise the site – and its surrounding areas – providing far more context, improved visualisation and better risk assessment, without delay.”

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