Coventry City FC unveils new stadium plans


Coventry City Football Club and the University of Warwick have announced plans to develop a new stadium

Coventry City Football Club and the University of Warwick have commenced planning for a partnership, which would see the University provide land to the football club for the development of a new stadium.

The new stadium will create a new home for the football club with easy access for fans living in the city of Coventry.

Whilst an exact site has yet to be agreed, its proximity would be on the agricultural field area of the University of Warwick land on its main campus at the southwest edge of Coventry.

Coventry City FC will own and be entirely responsible for the cost of the stadium and its operation – the club will receive all stadium revenues it generates.

Environmentally friendly

Both the University and the club are committed to a visionary, environmentally-friendly stadium in terms of materials, energy, noise, building and of course access.

In a statement, the club said: “We envision supporters arriving at the stadium through a new light rail station at the ground running alongside a new link road.

“This will require significant discussion and partnership work with all surrounding local authorities, the West Midlands Combined Local Authority and the LEP to ensure the funding and support is there to provide that infrastructure.

“The club and the University wanted to make people aware of this exciting new development as soon as possible and hope that in doing so, it will pave the way to many discussions needed with a range of partners to progress this project.

“The Club and the University do not expect to issue any further joint statements on this initiative until there is significant news that we can share.”


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