Drones are increasingly becoming a tool used in the construction sector


An analysis has revealed the growing importance of drones in the construction sector, indicating a reliance on the technology

Figures from last year’s Drone Usage Report have shown an increasing uptake of the use of drones in construction and plumbing.

In an analysis of the top 10 business sectors utilising drones, construction and plumbing came top at 11.5 per cent. The sector beat manufacturing (9.9 per cent), information and communications (9.1 per cent), and the creative and photographic industries (8.8 per cent).

Drones have a part to play

Drones were used in construction for a range of tasks including inspecting machinery, costing jobs, as well as other practical tasks. This, the analysis said, highlighted the advantages of using drones, particularly as the technology becomes more affordable.

Ben Keene, ConsortiQ’s Operations Director, said 2017 could become the year of the drone. He added: “At ConsortiQ we’re constantly working with clients from a wide range of industries, helping them improve their operations by using drones creatively to solve problems.

“Drones benefit these businesses by offering a unique vantage point, something that was impossible previously when only large aerial vehicles such as helicopters were available to use.

“Small, portable and simple to fly, the trades industry would certainly benefit greatly if using drones with a camera attached became a part of their daily workflow.”

Flexible use of drones

Drones have the ability to collect significant amounts of high-resolution data that can be analysed via specialist software before being turned into 3D models. This information can then be used to improve safety on building sites and identify issues that could be costly on sites.

The technology also has a role to play in both small businesses and large corporations.

Keene continued: “Implementing a drone into existing operations is simple when assisted by knowledgeable staff.”


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