COVID-19 wards,

BAM is restarting work at a number of sites across the UK, including projects critical to the national pandemic, as well as new projects to build emergency COVID-19 facilities

The industry and government have jointly defined new ways for sites to operate, including avoiding congested public transport and maintaining as far as possible the two-metre social distancing guidance.

BAM teams around the country have been reviewing and redesigning work at all sites. This has allowed discussions to be had with clients, subcontractors and those employees who are willing and able to work at sites, about re-opening. The numbers of workers on sites have been significantly reduced.

The closed sites are predominantly in Scotland, London and the Midlands.

BAM will keep the working arrangements under constant review.

BAM has also been working closely with the NHS, Department for Health and the UK government on numerous critical healthcare schemes around the country, building new COVID-19 facilities or adapting current facilities to treat Coronavirus patients.

Essential management

BAM’s facilities management (FM) teams will continue to provide buildings management, cleaning and catering services to the emergency services, local authorities and those schools remaining open for key workers’ and vulnerable children.

In order to maintain services, and where possible BAM FM employees that serve private sector clients are re-deploying to fill roles serving the public sector that is unfilled due to illness or self-isolation.

Extraordinary and concerning times

BAM Construct UK’s chief executive, James Wimpenny said: “Buildings are central to people’s lives, and at this time they are also central to saving people’s lives. These are the most extraordinary and concerning times for us all. We are all in this together, working hard to save lives and livelihoods.

“I want to thank everyone at BAM for everything they are doing to keep themselves and their families safe, and for responding so well to rapidly changing circumstances.”


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