Estimating for the FM maintenance sector


Inflation in resource costs for building maintenance work has risen between 2% and 5%, however, the picture is not the same across all trades

The general trend, as expressed by the BMI All-in Maintenance Cost index, has seen prices rise by approximately 3.2%, but some resource costs have increased by more significant amounts. For example, the costs of glass, lead and copper have increased by an average of 10% over the last 12 months.

This highlights the importance of using the most up-to-date datasets to ensure accurate estimates.

Changes to resource costs and wage rates

The BCIS Building maintenance price book 2018 (available online and in hard copy) has been completely revised and updated, to account for all changes to resource costs and wage rates up to 1 January 2018. It includes extended sections on forming openings, decoration, WC cubicles and roof lights.

The online version of the Building maintenance dataset (Schedule of rates online) is easily accessible via computer, netbook or tablet. It allows subscribers to create, save and reuse abstracts for an estimate or schedule of rates and have the option of adjusting rates for location and base date, as well as providing rate breakdowns.

The Building maintenance dataset is also available as part of the Building Running Costs online service.

The BCIS Building maintenance price book 2018 is available from RICS Books.


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