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Access ConQuest Estimating software contains features designed to minimise admin and help you do your job more accurately in a fraction of the time

Outside forces

This year has been tough for construction, ranging from the more blatant Covid-19 outbreak to the changes in taxation.

With margins already spread as thinly as they can be, something has got to give.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of Covid-19 disappearing soon is slim. There is no doubt that the impact this has made to construction, and every other industry, is massive. However, this is something out of our control from day-to-day, it is time to dust off and focus on what we can control.

Controlling the closer to home

Social distancing and home working will change construction for the foreseeable. Sites will continue to be run differently, and it will become harder to complete a project quickly. Therefore, construction businesses need to start looking at what can be done in their own back garden to help navigate through the coming months and year, despite outside forces.

The most effective way to do this is to review the everyday tasks of your job, and how you can work to improve them. Having to reinput information into several spreadsheets when updating tenders or manually sketching up a takeoff is not the way to get the most out of your skillset or your time. Admin is still the bane of construction, but there is no reason for it to be – that is where technology has been designed to help.

People often go into software with an expectation of a complete overhaul of their business, and it comes out looking different on the other side, almost unrecognisable and too ‘techy’. This is not the case.

Software, such as Access ConQuest Estimating, is designed to address those tasks you do every day, such as takeoffs, managing Bills of Quantities or producing an accurate estimate, and buy you valuable time back. Marginal gains are a phrase we often use with customers, because this is exactly what our software seeks to find. By shaving off seconds or minutes off each task you do daily, that time begins to add up to substantial savings in both time and cost.

This means Access ConQuest Estimating then starts to allow you to complete takeoffs in seconds and not minutes, quickly complete Bills of Quantities and have access to a library of prepopulated items to make it simple for you to accurately price up an estimate.

Software is there to assist you to get the most out of your workday and get the most out of each project completed.

Upcoming live demonstration

In short, Access ConQuest Estimating software contains features designed to minimise admin and help you do your job more accurately in a fraction of the time, therefore protecting those precious profit margins.

If you are in civils or subcontracting, join us for a tailored overview of Access ConQuest Estimating, and start to control closer to home.

Due to take place on 11 November at 3pm, you can register by clicking here.


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