Atkins wins Havant Thicket Reservoir design job

Havant Thicket Reservoir, Atkins,

Atkins has been chosen by Portsmouth Water as principal designer on the Havant Thicket Reservoir – the first reservoir to be built in the South East since the 1970s

The £100m Havant Thicket Reservoir is being developed in collaboration with Southern Water and will utilise Portsmouth’s resilient spring supplies in the otherwise seriously water-strained region to create a strategic new water resource.

The reservoir will also enable transfers from the company’s existing network to the wider South East, as well as create new wildlife habitats and a community green space and leisure facilities.

The Havant Thicket Reservoir is scheduled to be built, filled and operational by 2029 – and is set to be the final piece of a jigsaw which will see Portsmouth Water export around 60 million litres of water a day to Southern Water – around a quarter of its daily output.

Chief executive of Portsmouth Water, Bob Taylor, said: “We’re delighted to have the expertise of Atkins on board for what is a critical water-supply infrastructure scheme for the wider South East as supplies come under increasing pressure from climate change and population growth.

“We’re all taking steps to reduce leakage and help customers use less water, and by working together with Southern Water we’re also able to help them reduce abstraction from sensitive environments.

“This market-based project meets the criteria set out by Government and the National Infrastructure Commission to meet future water demand in England and Wales – through storage infrastructure and strategic transfers. So, it’s vital we progress this first collaborative initiative to set the path for future investment. Atkins’ support will ensure we can do this.”

Atkins will focus on the investigations, assessments and design required to submit an outline planning application for the Havant Thicket Reservoir in late 2020.

Water market director at Atkins, Richard Whale, added: “This is a great opportunity to redefine best practice in reservoir design.

“Collaboration and innovation will play an integral part in the design of the reservoir and its surrounding infrastructure, and owing to our industry-leading digital capabilities, we are already working closely with Portsmouth Water on the creation of this critical water resource for the community.”


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