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Ian Crickmore, Technical Director at Polypipe Terrain, discusses how innovative products and personalised service keep complex projects on track

At Polypipe Terrain, we live by our claim to be pioneering in both product delivery and service. The construction industry is changing profoundly and now, more than ever, alternative products and ground-breaking delivery methods are required to solve modern building challenges. As a commercial and tall building specialist with over 50 years of experience at the forefront of the industry, Polypipe Terrain is perfectly placed to help our clients meet the demands of even the most complex of builds. Our innovative product portfolios have been developed with tall buildings in mind, and our offsite construction-focused services integrate seamlessly into the build programme, maximising time and cost savings for our clients.

The design and layout of drainage in tall buildings needs to be carefully considered, as it poses significant challenges. We offer architects and specifiers peace of mind by ensuring that the drainage solution for their tall building is a tailored, individually designed system that meets the specific demands of their project and guarantees long-term integrity. Our unique Terrain FUZE HDPE fabricated drainage stack and waste run out service is applicable to both shell and core build processes, and to the offsite facility process.

The Terrain P.A.P.A. (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator) and Pleura Vent System eliminates the need for a traditional piped secondary vent system, simplifying the piping network in a building and reducing the complexity for the offsite portion of the build. Removing the secondary ventilation pipework in commercial, public and high-rise multi-storey buildings, air admittance systems are used to introduce air regulators to balance negative air pressure fluctuations, with an air attenuator balancing positive air pressures. Together, they form a highly effective solution for controlling the air movement within the drainage pipework system and soil stack, protecting the water trap seals of appliances within the building.

Our fabricated products are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and tested in compliance with the British Standard 12056-2, delivering quality assured products that arrive on site, ready to install, at the precise time they are required.

We also offer our clients a comprehensive project management service to further assist in the delivery of complex projects. Our Fabrication Team provides a complete end-to-end service with a dedicated project manager available throughout, beginning with an initial estimation and followed by the provision of a full, tailored design. The team then creates a bespoke Manufacture Sheet specific to the particular job, which offers the customer transparency by outlining the parts that have been ordered, their price, the current processing stage of the product and their delivery date. This service ensures full traceability, alignment with the project schedule and outstanding communication for our clients, while working hard to maximise the reductions to labour costs and waste anticipated through large-scale offsite construction.

At Polypipe Terrain, we are proud to offer an innovative product range and an outstanding personalised service that keeps even the most challenging of build projects on track.


Ian Crickmore

Technical Director

Polypipe Terrain

Tel: +44 (0)1622 795 200

Twitter: @PolypipeTerrain

LinkedIn: Commercial Property & Public Buildings (Terrain)


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