Kier appointed to deliver new ‘smart’ prison in East Yorkshire

CGI of new prison in East Yorkshire

Kier has been appointed to deliver a new Category C ‘smart’ prison in East Yorkshire to get more offenders into jobs and away from crime

Kier is set to begin work on a new ‘smart’ prison in East Yorkshire this autumn in time for it to open in 2025.

The new Category C prison will be designed from top-to-bottom with the latest smart technology.

The £400m contract will deliver over 1,400 ‘modern’ places to get more offenders into jobs and away from crime.

The new jail, which is yet to be named, will include a number of workshops and classrooms, so prisoners can learn new skills to find work on release.

The first new prison to operate as zero-carbon in the future

The prison will feature an all-electric design, solar panels, heat pumps and more efficient lighting systems to reduce energy demand significantly.

In a boost for the local economy, the new prison will create hundreds of jobs in construction, and a further 600 once the establishment opens. And at least 50 construction roles will be earmarked for ex-offenders – giving them the opportunity to rebuild their lives, gain new skills and get back on the straight and narrow.

Prisons Miniter, Stuart Andrew, said:

“I am delighted work can begin on yet another modern, innovative prison that will skill-up untold numbers of offenders to live a crime-free life while making our streets safer.

“The new prison at Full Sutton will also support hundreds of jobs, in construction and afterwards, representing a major boost to Yorkshire’s economy.”

Group managing director of Kier Construction, Liam Cummins, said:

“Delivery of the new prison at Full Sutton represents over a decade of Kier operating as a successful partner to the Ministry of Justice and highlights our ongoing commitment to the New Prisons’ Programme.

“This project will create hundreds of jobs as well as providing opportunities for prisoners on release, and we’re proud to give people the opportunity to work with us to deliver a best-in-class facility built on modern methods of construction and engineering excellence.”


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