Kier celebrates 1000th project through Minor Works frameworks

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Kier’s 1000th project procured through the Scape National Minor Works framework will create a single-storey adult day care centre

The centre will provide the community with daytime facilities and social care services for vulnerable adults with varying degrees of learning disabilities.

Kier was appointed to the framework in 2011 and was awarded a delivery partner for the second generation of the framework in 2015.

Michael Edwards, director for strategic frameworks and alliances at Kier, commented: “We are thrilled to have commenced work on our 1000th Scape National Minor Works first and second generation frameworks project. Through the frameworks we have delivered much-needed projects for local communities.

“The social value aspect of Scape projects is hugely important to us and one of the reasons we are so proud of this partnership, it is at the heart of what we do at Kier and we look forward to continuing to benefit local communities.”

Since joining the framework, Kier has delivered buildings projects valued from £50,000 to £4m and include schools, health centres, police and fire stations, town halls, leisure centres and community buildings.

These opportunities have generated more than £240m of social value for communities and created 480 new jobs.

In addition, 400 apprenticeship opportunities have been created as well as over 600 work placements.

Victoria Brambini, managing director, Scape Procure, commented, “Our Minor Works framework has consistently delivered successful projects with social value embedded throughout.

“I am so pleased that this 1000th project that Kier have delivered through Scape’s procurement routes continues to create real value, leaving a positive legacy for the Queensferry area.”


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