Micro-homes could be a partial solution for cities like London to expand choice for young professionals and help combat the housing crisis, according to a new report

Neoliberal think tank, Adam Smith Institute, has released a new report urging the Greater London Authority (GLA) to reconsider the minimum space requirements for co-living units and micro-homes.

The institute suggests that micro-homes could help younger Londoners move into flats in the city centre close to places of work and leisure.

The report also outlines that while design and liveability requirements should be kept, more Londoners are “comfortable with living in smaller apartments”.

The Adam Smith Institute has called for the upcoming GLA ‘London Plan’ to remove minimum space requirements for co-living units and micro-homes, while retaining the demand that they are “appropriately sized to be comfortable and functional for a tenant’s needs”

Report author and urban policy researcher Vera Kichanova stresses that while micro-housing is not a replacement for planning reform, it could be a solution for those in cities like London.

In the study, Kichanova acknowledged that micro-homes were “not for everyone” and “should not be a substitute for profound reform of housing regulation”.

But said added: “A green light to innovative development could help London become a denser, more liveable city for its increasingly younger and dynamic residents by providing a choice that fits their individual requirements in the world’s most diverse city.”

The Adam Smith Institute’s Head of Research Matthew Lesh added: “Small, but perfectly formed micro-homes would expand choice for young Londoners. There are many who would rather live close to the city centre, in a building full of amenities such as game rooms and co-working spaces, rather than spending hours commuting every day.

“Housing policy reform is an urgent priority, and while micro-housing is no substitute for fundamental planning reform, it is an important first step.”


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