Parrot announce two new drone solutions to revolutionise the construction industry

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Parrot, the leading European drone group has announced two new innovative platforms: the senseFly eBee X and the Parrot ANAFI Work which hope to make waves in the construction sector

The two new platforms — the Parrot ANAFI WORK and senseFly eBee X — are both designed to help professionals work more efficiently, cut costs and make better decisions.

ANAFI WORK is an ultra-compact 4K multi-purpose drone solution for use in inspection and construction projects. The drones help contractors and construction companies make informed decisions on their projects through detailed aerial insights that are used to create 3D models.

The data captured can help professionals to save on time and reduce unnecessary costs.

The senseFly eBee X allows users to map and survey without limits, featuring ground-breaking new cameras, Steep Landing technology and a unique Endurance Extension feature for flight times of up to 90 minutes.

These reliable aerial solutions offer highly accurate insights, regardless of the user’s level of drone experience and budget.

Giles Labossière, the Executive Vice President and COO of Parrot Group, and senseFly CEO said: “The enterprise-grade eBee X mapping platform and the ultra-compact 4K drone solution – ANAFI Work, showcase the strength and breadth of the growing Parrot Business Solutions portfolio.

“What’s key is that these end-to-end solutions are built upon the commercial knowledge of the entire Parrot Group, providing professionals at all levels with a means to improve their business results—by boosting efficiency, reducing costs, improving worker safety and providing the insights needed to take better decisions.”

Parrot, the leading European drone group, offers business solutions spanning drones, software, sensors and services, mainly focusing on three major areas:

  • Agriculture
  • 3D mapping, surveying and inspection
  • Public safety

Since the inception of sensefly in 2009, the company has rapidly become the leader in mapping drones.

By using drones, many professionals in the surveying, agricultural, engineering and humanitarian sectors have been able to use simplified analysis of geospatial data to make better and faster decisions for their companies.


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