new homes at Ellen Street,

Watkin Jones has secured planning permission for 216 new homes at Ellen Street, to kick-start the regeneration of the Hove Station area

Planners at Brighton and Hove City Council approved the proposals for 216 new homes at Ellen Street.

The plans represent the first large-scale application that has been approved by the committee since the Green Party took over control of the council in August.

The scheme will kick-start the regeneration of the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum area, including substantial public realm improvements.

New homes at Ellen Street

The development will create 216 Build-to-Rent homes, over 2000 sqm of flexible commercial space and provision for new community space.

The surrounding area will also see significant improvements to the public realm on Ellen Street, Ethel Street and Conway Street.

Residents will benefit from widened pavements, street lighting, seating, new trees and planting, as well as improvements to the stairs leading down from Goldstone Villas.

Additionally, Watkin Jones has included a 10% affordable housing provision for the site, despite independent assessments concluding that the scheme would not be able to support any affordable housing.

Following the granting of planning permission, and subject to the signing of an S106 agreement, demolition of the derelict brownfield site could start as early as November, with the first residents welcomed through the doors in April 2023.

Watkin Jones has re-affirmed its commitment to continue consulting with local stakeholders throughout this process.

BtR in a prime location

Kenny Oke, development director at Watkin Jones, said: “We’re delighted to achieve this consent, and to have the chance to begin the regeneration of the Hove Station Neighbourhood area.

“This permission represents a landmark achievement for Watkin Jones, and provides us with the opportunity to deliver high-quality BTR development in a prime location.

“Throughout the planning process our engagement with local stakeholders has been extremely positive and we have been able to make substantial changes to the scheme off the back of this engagement work…

“It has been a pleasure to work with local ward Councillors Allcock, Ebel and O’Quinn, as well as the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum, and I am grateful for their valuable contributions to our proposals.”


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