Offsite construction conference to be hosted by BRE


BRE is to host a conference in Watford tomorrow examining the role of offsite construction in the delivery of build-to-rent homes

If you have an interest in offsite construction the BRE is hosting an event tomorrow on the topic.

The ‘Offsite Outlooks’ conference will bring together investors, developers and architects to analyse the role of offsite construction in the building industry and how it can help deliver homes.

Offsite construction has recently been an area of interest with the government, particularly as pressure continues to mount over housing delivery. It could offer significant advantages to solving the affordable housing conundrum and help the government meet housing targets of a million homes by 2020.

Homes constructed offsite are certainly appealing as they can be built up to 30 per cent faster than traditional methods at a reduced cost of around 25 per cent.

Offsite construction conference


The conference from the BRE will take place in Watford on 15 February at the organisation’s headquarters.

Speakers will include author of the Farmer Review Mark Farmer, who candidly told the government the construction industry needed to ‘modernise or die’.

Gwyn Roberts, Home Quality Mark Lead will also speak together with Simon Scott, Head of Investment at JLL, and Mark Jenkins, Product Manager at Kingspan.

Roberts said: “Forty-six per cent of people surveyed by the Home Builders Federation said they were unlikely to consider buying a new home.

“The perception around new homes is still one of poor quality design and workmanship. However, there is an increasing number of particularly smaller builders who are trying to attract the “46 per cent” into new homes with features and performance that is beyond their expectation.

“While home ownership is not an abandoned policy, a more diverse tenure mix is clearly now the Governments direction.

“Institutional investors take a long term view, much less interested in the short term rise and fall of sale prices, but dependable rental income. This should give families more long term security about their rented home.”

To find out more or book tickets visit the Offsite Outlook conference page.


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