Planning inspector approves Woking’s future development policy

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An appointed planning inspector has found Woking Borough’s future development policy ‘sound and legally compliant’

A planning policy that identifies future urban and green belt sites for development has been found ‘sound and legally compliant’ by an appointed planning inspector, subject to a number of modifications.

The Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) is an important document that the Council is required to prepare to enable the delivery of its Core Strategy, which was adopted in October 2012 and reviewed in October 2018.

The document identifies urban and green belt sites for future housing, employment and infrastructure within the Borough to ensure development requirements are met in a sustainable manner.

Following a public examination in December 2019, the planning inspector published a number of modifications to the DPD that were publically consulted upon between September and December 2020.

The Inspector took into account all comments received during the consultation before publishing his final report.

In the report, the inspector concluded that Woking’s Site Allocations DPD is ‘sound, legally compliant and has met the requirements of the Duty of Cooperation’, subject to his recommended schedule of main modifications.

A future sustainable developments in Woking

Gary Elson, Woking Borough Council’s portfolio holder for planning policy, said: “After a long and complex process, we are extremely pleased that the Planning Inspector has found our Site Allocations DPD ‘sounds and legally compliant’, subject to a number of modifications.

“This is a significant step towards the adoption of the DPD, which will provide a positive framework for the future sustainable development of the Borough until 2027 and safeguards land to meet future development needs between 2027 and 2040.

“During the process, we received thousands of representations from local residents, businesses and key stakeholders. Throughout we have taken great care to listen and respond to concerns and, where justified, we have adapted our proposals.

“The inspector’s final report, along with his recommended modifications, are now available for public inspection and I would encourage residents and interested parties to take the opportunity to read its key findings.”


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