Graham begin work on replacement footbridge in Belfast


Work is underway on a new pedestrian footbridge at City Hospital Halt, South Belfast, which involves the demolition of an existing footbridge and steel supports

As part of the scheme Graham’s design solution includes an alternative mini-pile foundation which will eliminate the need for deep excavations, reducing temporary works and ensuring safety throughout. During the programme the existing footbridge will remain open to passengers whilst Graham construct the new bridge pier foundations and piers directly below.

The existing bridge will then be demolished in a three-week period at the end of the works to enable the new bridge to be lifted into place.

Sam Barr, project manager for Graham, said: “We’re pleased to be undertaking this important pedestrian bridge replacement in south Belfast, which will help to maintain easy access from the station to the City Hospital and the Donegall Road.

“Throughout this scheme we will work in close collaboration with Translink to allow passengers access to and from the station and also to avoid disruption to any scheduled rail services.

“The adoption of our foundation solution will lessen impact on passengers, the City Hospital and Donegall Road residents as well as reducing the overall duration of and cost of the works.

“Once complete, this new footbridge will benefit passengers and improve the overall appearance of the railway halt.”

Helen Halliday, Translink project manager, said: “This important project to replace the dated existing bridge is required to maintain high safety standards, as well as the safety of those who regularly use the bridge for commuting purposes. As one of the busiest stations the new bridge will greatly enhance the appearance of the station and help to keep the local area connected to the wider NI Translink network.

“We will be working closely with our contractors to keep potential noise and disruption to a minimum.

“We look forward to working with our contractor, Graham, to deliver this project as we continue our journey to make public transport ‘first choice for travel.”


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