Covid-19 testing megalab ‘sets the standard for collaborative teamwork’

rosalind franklin laboratory

Mace, WSP, HOK and Hoare Lea and GMP, supported the delivery of the Rosalind Franklin Laboratory, one of the world’s largest diagnostic facilities in response to Covid-19

The Rosalind Franklin Laboratory, located in Royal Leamington Spa, will be able to process hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 tests a day.

The multidisciplinary team worked collaboratively with NHS Test and Trace and main contractor Balfour Beatty to design and commission the series of test processing ‘lines’.

The lab design brief set out a number of challenges, including the incorporation of new technology and innovation for the diagnostics process, to deliver the infrastructure in record-breaking time.

Mace introduced offsite construction techniques and worked with WSP and HOK to develop innovative design solutions to support the fast-track delivery of the laboratory.

The team are handing over the laboratory lines progressively, with construction progressing adjacent to the live and operational laboratory environment.

‘Setting the standard for efficient and collaborative teamwork’

Jason Millett, CEO for consultancy at Mace, said: “This world-class facility sets the standard for efficient and collaborative teamwork on a nationally significant infrastructure project.

“Working collaboratively with our client, Mace, WSP and HOK have delivered this project using the latest design and construction approaches; allowing us to radically drive down the time it took to deliver this facility and its carbon footprint.

“This is a fantastic example of what our industry can deliver when we work together.

“All of us at Mace, HOK and WSP are extremely proud of the role we’ve played in the design and delivery of this vital project that will play a key role in our response to Covid-19 and our resilience to future pandemics.”

Mark Bullock, chief executive officer for Balfour Beatty’s UK construction services business, commented: “We are immensely proud to be bringing together our expertise from across the Group, to play a key role in delivering the next generation of diagnostic facilities.

“Once complete, the facility will be the largest of its type in the UK and one of the largest in Europe; representing a significant investment in the UK’s pandemic response infrastructure for the future and integral to tackling the Covid-19 pandemic in the immediate term.”


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