Caddick aims to become single-use plastic free workforce

single-use plastic
© Caddick Construction

Caddick Construction is aiming to become a single-use plastic free workforce, by shifting to reusable water bottles across the company

The construction firm is giving reusable 500ml aluminium drinks bottles to all of its employees, as well as removing all plastic cups next to water coolers. It will also be encouraging sub-contractors on its sites to also focus on reducing plastic waste.

This step comes as the government is weighing up a number of initiatives to reduce the use of single-use plastics, and as public awareness of the issue has increased. In January, the Environmental Audit Committee found that the UK throws away 2.5 billion plastic cups every year. The country also uses over 3 billion plastic bottles a year, with 40% of those ending up in a landfill.

Staying hydrated and focused is especially important in construction, and Caddick Construction wants to ensure that its whole workforce can replenish fluids throughout the day whilst supporting a sustainable environmental model for the entire industry.

Ian Plowman, Operations Director at Caddick Construction, said: “Caddick Construction has always been committed to our sustainability targets, and we’re excited to take a big step toward eliminating plastic wastage.

“The construction industry made huge strides in recent years in tackling other forms of environmental damage, and with plastic waste in the public eye following Blue Planet II, it is a logical next frontier.”


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