TfL and Crossrail bring all construction work to a safe stop

close construction sites,

In light of the ongoing battle with COVID-19, Transport for London (TfL) and Crossrail have joined the abundance of companies to close construction sites

The government and the Mayor of London have given clear instructions to stay safe and to stop travelling in all cases other than critical workers making absolutely essential journeys. Although the government have not made it mandatory to close construction sites, Crossrail and TfL have decided to put the health of their employees and the public first.

Currently, there have been 422 deaths due to the coronavirus and there are 8,077 confirmed cases in the UK alone. The official number is thought to be much higher.

Essential maintenance will continue

Mike Brown MVO, London’s transport commissioner, said: “In line with this, TfL and Crossrail will be bringing all project sites to a temporary Safe Stop unless they need to continue for operational safety reasons.

“This means that work on all such projects will be temporarily suspended as soon as it is safe to do so. Essential maintenance of the transport network will of course continue.

“This is being done to ensure the safety of our construction and project teams and also to further reduce the number of people travelling on the public transport network. It is vital that the transport network is only used by critical workers.

“As we work through these issues with our supply chain, consideration will be given to the impact on workers, particularly those who are on low incomes.”


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