Vinci proposes building firms join forces to rebuild Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Vinci,
© Remi Mathis

Vinci has suggested that all construction companies in France join forces to rebuild the Notre Dame, after the historic cathedral was ravaged by a fire yesterday (15 April)

The fire at the Notre Dame began as the last crowds of tourists ended visits at around 6pm BST and was declared extinguished some 14 hours later.

Hundreds of firefighters took on the blaze through the night, tackling to stop it inflicting irreversible destruction after flames torched the roof, sending its spire falling to the ground.

The chief architect of Cologne Cathedral said it could take decades to repair the damage caused by the fire.

In light of the devastation, Vinci suggests all building companies in France join forces to rebuild Notre Dame in an industry-wide skills sponsorship drive, possibly led by the Fondation du Patrimoine (French heritage foundation), so as to begin work and restore the cathedral as rapidly as possible.

Vinci is intent on contributing to the national fundraiser and has asked its employees to do likewise, assisting Monuments Historiques architects when they assess the requirements, and taking part in the reconstruction if authorities deem its contribution useful.

The partial destruction of Notre Dame is an unqualified tragedy. The 13th century wooden beams holding up the roof will never be replaced. But Vinci says the part of Notre Dame that has survived the fire must be safeguarded.


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