Wills Bros wins £31.5m Maybole Bypass scheme


Wills Bros Engineering has been awarded the £31.5m contract to construct the Maybole Bypass on the A77

The Maybole Bypass aims to improve the South West A77 route and has been awarded to Wills Bros Engineering.

Will Bros defeated Farrans Roadbridge, John Paul Construction and R J McLeod to win the contract.

Once complete the Maybole Bypass scheme will include a new 5km bypass and associated junctions. The bypass will separate local traffic from those travelling longer distances, including to the port.

Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity said: “The local community will benefit from opportunities created for small and medium enterprises to bid for subcontractor roles and the provision of at least four vocational and seven professional, site-based training opportunities. The contractor anticipates that the project could employ up to 165 people, during the months of peak construction activity, a number of which are created by the project.

“We recognise the strategic importance of providing good transport links on the major routes to the key port at Cairnryan.

“Delivering the Maybole Bypass will provide better journey time reliability for road users as well as improved safety and environmental benefits for the local community.”


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