Seven per cent rise in German construction machinery sales


New figures have revealed an increase in construction equipment manufacturer sales in Germany…

Last year saw a boost in the German construction machinery sector, with sales increasing seven per cent. Manufacturers’ trade organisation the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau) reported sales reached €9bn.

The news comes as the global market for construction equipment saw a double-digital downturn, and follows a period of boom in the German construction sector.

Johann Sailer, chairman of the Construction Equipment & Building Material Machinery Association within the VDMA, said the German market had been large unaffected by downturns experienced at other global companies.

“Instead, we participated in the above-average positive developments of the European, Middle East and North American markets,” he said.

Forecasting for the year ahead, the VDMA said it was likely results would be mixed. Southern and central Eastern Europe expects to see growth, which will be a boon for construction equipment manufacturers. It is also thought the high-volume markets of Germany, the UK, Scandinavia and Benelux will remain robust, while the Indian market will also provide opportunities on an international platform.

However, the VDMA also warned “political and violent conflicts, excessively low oil and raw material prices with all their implications and numerous unsolved economic crises” remained a risk to the sector.

Sailer added: “These risks do not affect every market in the same way, and depending on where a company has its main business activities, it will be affected to a greater or lesser extent.”

Globally, it is expected Russia, Latin America, and China will do little, while North America and the Middle East will not develop as much as has been seen in the last few years,

However, overall the industry is set to grow, with a slight increase in sales of three per cent. This would represent the third consecutive year of growth.

“As manufacturers, we always feel positive about a year where there is Bauma, and approach it with a good deal of optimism,” said Sailer.


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