zero-emission power pack
TCP LGP Battery Pack

Taylor Construction Plant (TCP Ltd) are releasing the LGP 2500, a portable zero-emission power pack with an output of 5kW to provide a clean air alternative to a traditional diesel generator

The new LGP 2500 Power Pack provides a clean air alternative to a traditional diesel generator for off-grid applications. This new product has zero emissions and is silent in operation making it an ideal choice for use in environmentally sensitive areas, emergencies, shift work and night-time working.

Responding to greater concerns regarding pollution and carcinogens, the LGP 2500 Power Pack provides power without dangerous fumes, and is ideal for use in tunnels or confined areas. The LGP 2500 Power Pack unit has been approved to London Underground Standards S1171 – S1174 (March 2015).

This robust portable 5kW battery generator has the highest power output in its class and can handle even the most energy-intensive jobs including welding, grinding and concrete mixing. A single charge can power 20 x 4mm welding rods, or over an hour of heavy metal grinding. The battery has an extremely long life and shows no power fade over its full capacity.

Everything about the LGP 2500 Power Pack has been designed for ease of use. The portable unit can be carried in modules and requires minimal maintenance. It takes approximately 6-8 hours to fully recharge the power pack from the mains before it’s ready for action again.

The battery pack’s key features include:

  • Zero emissions, silent operation and low running costs
  • High performance with a maximum sustained output of 5kW
  • Portable, compact and lightweight
  • Perfect for use underground or in confined spaces.


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