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Drone technology, reality capture, construction

Shaping construction with drone digital/reality capture technology

Ian Tansey of ProDroneWorx discusses how digital/reality capture outputs from drone technology revolutionised the management of a construction project.
Digital twins, digital cities, Bentley systems, Robert Mankowski

Building smarter cities with digital twins

PBC Today talks to Robert Mankowski, vice-president of digital cities at Bentley Systems, about how digital twins can help to plan, design, build and operate smarter infrastructure.
smart cities, data science,

How data can build the smart cities of the future

Nathan Sykes, tech writer for Kolabtree, discusses the role of data science in smart cities and how urban planners depend on data to learn about housing trends and transportation habits.
New commissioners, Dame Kate Barker, Edwina Dunn,

Geospatial commission appoints four new commissioners

Four new commissioners will join the Board of the Geospatial Commission alongside its chair, Sir Andrew Dilnot, and deputy chair, Nigel Clifford.
weather services for building

The Met Office – Weather services for building project managers

Relevant weather and climate information is vital for health and safety and operational efficiency on the UK’s building projects.
Geospatial Commission, Thalia Baldwin, John Manzoni

Geospatial Commission appoints new director

John Manzoni has announced that Thalia Baldwin will be appointed as the new director of the Geospatial Commission from 1 August 2019.
Construction equipment, big data,

Impact of big data on construction equipment

Big data is already being used by the construction industry. Focusing on the build phase of a project, weather, traffic and construction equipment can be analysed to determine optimal phasing of construction activities.
Data exploration licence, Geospatial data, geospatial commission,

Making geospatial data more accessible

A new Data Exploration Licence has been launched by the UK’s Geospatial Commission to simplify access to and use of geospatial data.
Planning data, local plans,

Why cities need to unlock their planning data

Cities are sitting on a wealth of valuable data locked away in planning documents. It’s time they learn how to better use a resource that’s entirely in their control, explains Stefan Webb.
geospatial data

Geospatial Commission to make geospatial data more accessible

The Geospatial Commission and its partner bodies have launched a new single Data Exploration Licence to harmonise and simplify access and use of geospatial data.
iot, blockchain, DoshEx, digital twin,

IoT and blockchain ‘world first’ solution unveiled

DoshEx and Digital Twin have unveiled a ‘world first’ designed to revolutionise the security and integrity of solutions deployed across the Internet of Things (IoT).
location-based data, mapping system,

Government awards £1.5m to innovative data projects

Ten innovative data projects from across the UK have won government funding to look at new ways of using location-based data to help people in their everyday lives.
National Digital twin, DFTG, CDBB, information Management Framework,

CDBB to launch the Digital Twin Hub

The Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) has set out how the Information Management Framework for the built environment will be delivered, which will enable the development of the National Digital Twin (NDT).
AEC industry, Delta mobility,

AEC industry consortium to tackle data exchange issues

An industry-wide consortium of partners has joined forces to tackle some of the key issues in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) as part of the UK Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.
BIM 2050 report, construction, digital themes,

Back to the future: Assessing the BIM 2050 report

In 2012, a group of 18 young construction professionals pondered the question, what will the construction industry look like in 2050? One of the authors, Stefan Mordue, takes a look at how far the sector has progressed towards their predictions.
digital twin, urban data project,

Cambridge set for ‘digital twin’ as part of new Urban Data...

The Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership is set to be the first to trail the Urban Data Project, which will see the creation of a digital twin of Cambridge to collect rich data about the city.
Open data

Data is king and the king is not dead

BIM is only as good as the data that underpins it. Paul Blewett of leading PropTech firm Landmark Information discusses the importance of getting it right
smart city

Mayor launches roadmap to make London “world’s smartest city”

Sadiq Khan has launched a major new initiative to make London's the world's smartest city.

GEO|Design+BIM 2018 opens call for speakers

GEO| Design+BIM, a platform that highlights the use of geospatial data analytics and BIM in asset spatial design, construction, and operation and maintenance, is now accepting speaker proposals
Construction data

Better storytelling with construction data and analytics

“Hey data! Is my project on schedule?” Data science is becoming a key characteristic of competitive advantage for construction organisations. However, turning data into information, and then into meaningful insight, can be a real challenge. David Philp of i3 by AECOM takes a look
BIM Today

BIM Today February 2018

Welcome to the February 2018 edition of BIM Today. This issue includes a wide range of articles from across the BIM community, looking at everything from the application of blockchain technology in digital construction to the latest research on the understanding of BIM-related contract issues and the UK projects recognised in the annual Be Inspired Awards for BIM advancement.
Big Data

BIM: The original Big Data?

Big Data can help building owners and operators leverage insight from a wide range of sources to optimise their assets – and their businesses. Jon Anunson of i3 by AECOM says BIM can be an excellent starting point to get information flowing
digital transformation

Digital transformation: How will your digital life change in 2018?

As digital transformation gathers pace all around us, John Eynon of Open Water Consulting argues that it’s time to embrace the advance of technology...
planning data

Why planning is ripe for innovation

Following the West Midlands Urban Tech Summit, Stefan Webb and Joseph Bailey talk about the importance of opening up planning data and working with Birmingham City Council to understand the impact of new developments
innovation centre

New £50m national innovation centre receives approval

Permission has been granted to build a major new development in the heart of Newcastle which will connect university academic talent with industry and the public sector to help develop the skills needed to solve real world problems
smart city

The smart city is not just a pipedream

Why contractors must engage in the smart city conversation is highlighted here by John Cove, marketing manager at Starrett

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