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The BIM data problem: identifying the best solution

The BIM data problem: identifying the best solution

Paul Oakley, Director BIM at BRE says resolving the BIM data problem means recognising barriers exist and working out how to overcome these issues
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Big data project will help urban planners build a picture of...

An innovative big data project will create a dynamic picture of the city of Glasgow to help urban planners to develop solutions to challenges facing cities
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Big data BIM: developing innovative solutions for the future

coBuilder outlines the role of big data in BIM and explain why it is not simply about using 3D modelling but about changing how companies approach projects

How to provide product data that clients cannot resist

Here, coBuilder provide a six step action plan to ensure firms provide product data that is useful and efficient for clients
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International Measurement Standards: Providing better data collection through BIM models

Global standards and classifications that allow more consistent international use of BIM models will lead to the better collection of data for both space and cost prediction as explained here by Alan Muse, Director of Built Environment Professional Groups at the RICS
Common Data Environment

Benchmarking a Common Data Environment (CDE)

While BIM has, to date, been synonymous with Design, the Common Data Environment (CDE), as outlined in British Standard 1192:2007, is seen as a...

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