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cold roll-formed steel

Adding value to cold roll-formed steel for construction and manufacturing

voestalpine Metsec plc is the UK’s largest specialist in cold roll-formed steel, providing products for the construction and manufacturing industries
Metframe, voestalpine Metsec, design and construction, Metframe,

The tranquil face of framing

voestalpine Metsec has created a facility to allow the construction and installation team to incorporate standard construction details for Metframe.
Digital diaries in construction, Site Diary app,

Paper diaries vs digital diaries in construction

Even though both paper diaries and digital diaries in construction both have their pros and cons, the pros outweigh the cons on digital. In the industry today, site workers see filling paper diaries as a real pain.
Office design, workplace design, Nicola Gillen,

Shaping the next generation of office design

Nicola Gillen of AECOM explores how emerging technology and changing needs will shape the next generation of workplace design.
Tunnel systems, Siemens

Using 3D VR to verify tunnel systems safety

More transport infrastructure is being built below ground. 3D VR can help to ensure tunnel systems and stations are properly ventilated.
handheld scanners, Belo Horizonte, BIM

Handheld scanning takes survey of heritage building to the next level

Handheld scanners have allowed a site team to deliver as-built representations of an art deco skyscraper in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, four times faster than traditional methods.
BIM process, Copenhagen Airport

BIM process takes off at Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport: BIM process standards for existing building projects, beating its savings target and opening the door for other organisations to benefit.
Construction equipment, big data,

Impact of big data on construction equipment

Big data is already being used by the construction industry. Focusing on the build phase of a project, weather, traffic and construction equipment can be analysed to determine optimal phasing of construction activities.
digital twin ambitions

Digital twin ambitions: How to catch up with the future

Dr Paul Cureton of ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University and Elliot Hartley, managing director of Garsdale Design, examine the UK’s digital twin ambitions.
UK BIM (BIM in the UK), digital transformation, built environment, game of thrones,

BIM in the UK: Digital is coming

John Eynon on how Game of Thrones is like digital transformation in the built environment, change is inevitable – and why some in the UK construction industry need shaking by the lapels.
Digital twin, building management, infrastructure

West Cambridge: Developing a digital twin demonstrator

The Institute for Manufacturing’s West Cambridge project is highlighting how digital twins can harness data from multiple sources to inform better building management, while improving productivity and wellbeing.
level 2 BIM,

Legal and Contractual issues of level 2 BIM

Richard Saxon CBE, chairman of JCT Ltd, delves into the legal and contractual issues of BIM.
Data exploration licence, Geospatial data, geospatial commission,

Making geospatial data more accessible

A new Data Exploration Licence has been launched by the UK’s Geospatial Commission to simplify access to and use of geospatial data.
Planning data, local plans,

Why cities need to unlock their planning data

Cities are sitting on a wealth of valuable data locked away in planning documents. It’s time they learn how to better use a resource that’s entirely in their control, explains Stefan Webb.
bim today, digital twins,

BIM Today June 2019

Welcome to the June edition of BIM Today. In this issue, we take an in-depth look at digital twins, which are fast-emerging as the next evolutionary step in construction's transformation journey. Experts including David Philp of i3 by Aecom, Richard Saxon and Ton De Vries of Bentley Systems explore the concepts and characteristics of digital twins.
Construction connectivity, construction site,

Construction connectivity: Getting back to basics

Technology such as drones, robotics and 3D printing offer huge potential for construction but the sites of the future cannot become a reality until the industry conquers the basics of construction connectivity.
BricsCAD, BIM, AI,

Using AI to simplify Building Information Modelling

BricsCAD® BIM leverages machine learning algorithms (a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence – “AI”) to help you manage the consistency of your building information model’s overall level of development (LOD).
Exchange Information Requirements, CDE, BS EN ISO 19650,

Overcoming the challenges of Exchange Information Requirements (EIR)

Graitec examines the key issues when complying with the Exchange Information Requirements and how they can be overcome.
EcoCampus, masterplanning, building performance,

IES case study: NTU EcoCampus, Singapore

IES delivered a 3D masterplanning and visualisation model, along with virtual testing and building performance optimisation, for Nanyang Technological University (NTU)’s EcoCampus.
ScanPlan, FARO, BIM

FARO’s ScanPlan: Fast 2D building mapping

FARO’s handheld ScanPlan device can help quickly determine the accuracy and completeness of project information – and make it immediately shareable.
Allplan Bridge, Construction, BIM

Allplan Bridge: Software supports use of BIM in bridge engineering

One year on from its first release, a host of new capabilities have been added to expand Allplan Bridge.
Hurley Palmer Flatt

Hurley Palmer Flatt gives Principal Place a digital makeover

Modern in build and execution, the project is set to feature 175-metre tall towers offering 300 new residential apartments.
ISO 19650, BIM level 2,

ISO 19650 internationalises BIM

The launch of ISO 19650 provides real opportunities for UK-based companies with BIM-compliant processes to export their expertise on a global scale.
MEP estimators,

5 challenges MEP estimators in the UK face today

Estimators need to be able to produce a high volume of consistently estimates without sacrificing accuracy – but they face a number of challenges, from a lack of information to multiple, varied requests.
Construction information, Contractors, BIM

Construction information going digital

GroupBC looks at some of the challenges going digital can resolve including communication, construction information, data security and compliance.
Fasteners and fixings, BIM, construction industry

Fasteners and fixings to fix the construction crisis

Vincent Matthews, marketing manager at SFS, discusses how fasteners and fixings can raise productivity once again and help keep construction work on track.

BIM Today June 2019