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project reworks

Reworks and the cost of ineffective project delivery

The risk of derailing project delivery through ineffective email management is a business-critical one. Mail Manager, the email management solution by Arup, discusses avoiding delays, reworks and reducing project risk.
email management

Removing risk for project-based businesses: What role does email play?

Mail Manager, the email management solution by Arup, discusses the role email plays in removing risk for project-based businesses.
document management

How to modernise your document management

Email overload and data loss are major problems impacting businesses. Mail Manager, the email management solution by Arup, discusses how to modernise your document management.
email into document management

How to integrate email into document management

Mail Manager, the solution developed by Arup, explores how to integrate email into document management.
project manager

How to become the most organised project manager

Mail Manager, the email management solution developed by Arup, takes a look at how you can become the most organised project manager.
qa standards

How Mail Manager helps you achieve QA standards

As the regulatory landscape becomes ever more stringent and complex, it’s more crucial than ever for businesses to have a firm grasp on their quality assurance (QA) processes. Here's how Mail Manager helps you achieve QA standards.
email management

How does email management work if you don’t have an IT...

How does email management work if you don’t have an IT Manager? Mail Manager, the solution developed by Arup, explores.
document management and records management

Document management vs records management: When do I need them?

Mail Manager, the email management solution developed by Arup, explores how document management and records management differ, and when you need them.
Data sharing, construction

How data management can make our industry safer

Placing better information management and data sharing at the forefront of digital transformation will make construction safer – as well as smarter, says Zane Ulhaq, associate director for Atkins.
construction product manufacturers

Construction product manufacturers must embrace digitisation

Construction product manufacturers need to start sharing data digitally to support a safer and sustainable construction industry, says a new guide released by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).
Engineering information, Integrated engineering, construction,

How data can supercharge construction projects

Vanessa Erickson, capital project portfolio expert at AVEVA, discusses how integrated engineering information can empower connected working and supercharge construction.
Email management, lost email,

AEC email management: The real cost of losing an email

AEC firms are feeling the burn from poor email management. So, how can you ensure you’re able to produce everything that’s ever been said to a client or on a project?
code for construction product information

CCPI launched to raise standards in construction product information

The Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) has been launched to raise standards in construction product information.

Specifying graphical EIR in BIM projects

Murillo Piazzi, technologist at BIM Academy, examines how to specify graphical Exchange Information Requirements in BIM-enabled projects.
Ransomware for construction

The rising ransomware threat for construction

Architecture, engineering and construction firms are twice as likely to face ransomware attacks as other industries, according to new research.
Life asset management, ISO 55000

What is through life asset management in defence?

Fleet management and asset management are terminologies widely used in the Defence domain, but through life asset management is definitely new. Pierre-Michael Delamotte, professional head of discipline at Atkins explains.
HGV driver, OneCard, Tarmac

Smart card keeps Tarmac’s HGV drivers safe and boosts confidence 

Tarmac has reached a significant landmark in the rollout of new fleet technology after presenting its 10,000th HGV driver with a smart card aimed at improving haulier safety, training, and customer confidence.
AI and machine learning,

Artificial intelligence: On the verge to disrupt and transform the building...

Don Jacob, VP technology, Build & Construction Division at the Nemetschek Group, discusses the relevance of AI for the building lifecycle.

Arup’s email management solution releases new mobile app

Mail Manager, developed by Arup, has announced its new mobile application, offering users the ability to intelligently file and search for business-critical emails via a mobile device.

Modernising energy metadata to speed up the transition to net zero

Simon Evans of Arup and Gavin Starks of Icebreaker One discuss their work with Hippo Digital on the next phase of the government’s Energy Data Visibility Project, which aims to accelerate the journey towards net zero by improving access to energy metadata.
golden thread policy report

Report: Golden thread will play crucial role in supporting UK construction

A new report published by the Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC) has revealed that the golden thread of information will play a “crucial” role in supporting the construction sector, residents, and the building safety regulator.
cybersecurity, cyber-attacks, cyber, C-suite

Protecting infrastructure from cyber-attacks: A compliance or risk-based approach

The NIS Regulations 2018 do an important job in helping to protect the UK’s key national critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks, but does following these regulations alone do enough to protect us? Sandra Connery, principal cybersecurity consultant at Atkins explores.
Real-time insight

Real-time insights: Accelerating a new era of smarter construction

Brandon Oliveri-O’Connor, senior director of EMEA at Procore, looks at how unlocking real-time insight can better harness data and accelerate a new era of smarter construction.
Planning system, digitalisation, digital systems

How digitalisation can improve the planning system

With the government pushing for a more data-driven planning system, Emily Scoones, business development lead at SiteSolve powered by Ramboll, argues there is an opportunity to capitalise on the potential benefits of digitalisation.
construction data security

Boosting cybersecurity for better construction management

How Viewpoint for projects is helping UK contractors better control who gets access to vital project data, when and how.
indoor mapping system

Uni of Oxford introduces new indoor mapping system

The University of Oxford has introduced a new indoor mapping system to provide more efficient methods of maintaining asset data.

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