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construction playbook,

The Construction Playbook: A design transformation point of view

With the recent publication of the UK government's Construction Playbook aimed at anyone procuring publicly funded works, there’s a renewed call for our industry to reform not just the technical aspects of construction but also its design practices, working culture and behaviours. Lesley Waud, global head of design transformation at Atkins, takes a look.
construction cybersecurity

Why cybersecurity matters in construction: Part 2 of 2

Viewpoint share some construction cybersecurity best practices and insider tips on what to be on the lookout for.
mobile reporting, construction site,

How important is mobile reporting on the modern construction site?

The evolution of technology has given way to the world of mobile reporting. So why is it important on the modern construction site? The Access Group investigates the vital roles mobile reporting now plays.
contractor cybersecurity

Why cybersecurity matters in construction: Part 1 of 2

Justin Snell, E.R. Snell’s vice president of technology, recently sat down with Mike Dooley, Viewpoint’s information security officer, to discuss the recent cybersecurity event at the company and how it was addressed.
construction cybersecurity

Cyber essentials: Starting your construction cybersecurity journey

Peter Hodgson, UK engineering director at Viewpoint, takes a look at how the right mindset and strategic approach can make all of the difference in protecting your contracting organisation.
digital twin street works

Evolving street works in the UK through data and digital twins

Michelle Scarsbrook, commercial sector director at Sopra Steria, explores how to minimise disruption to our roads by evolving street works through data and digital twins.
code for construction product information

The CCPI is crucial to prioritising safer buildings now

Peter Caplehorn, chief executive of the Construction Products Association (CPA), explains the importance of the new Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI).
construction product information

It’s time for fresh ideas on construction product data, not old...

Darren Lester, founder and CEO of SpecifiedBy, explores the shortfalls of the proposed new Code for Construction Product Information and offers a constructive look to find more productive ways to move forward.
information management in construction

Report: Information management in construction can aid UK’s recovery

Every £1 invested in information management (IM) in the construction sector could secure up to £6 of labour time savings and boost government efforts to reach net zero carbon targets, according to a new report.
construction cybersecurity

Planning for a crisis: The importance of a construction cybersecurity plan

Tamara Higham, marketing executive at Viewpoint, discusses the importance of integrating a cybersecurity plan into your construction business.
Energy data, metadata, energy,

Joint venture to modernise UK energy metadata

Arup, Hippo Digital and Icebreaker One have been commissioned by the government to lead the next phase of its Energy Data Visibility Project (EDVP) to organise and improve access to the UK’s metadata.
utility pole systems software

Bentley Systems acquires utility pole systems software

Bentley Systems has acquired SPIDA Software, developers of specialised software for the design, analysis and management of utility pole systems.
process transformation

Viewpoint collaborates with process transformation specialists

The collaboration with process transformation specialists RED Jam will enable customers to gain additional value from Viewpoint Field View™.
fabrication management information system

Graitec launches 2022 fabrication management information system

Graitec has released Advance Workshop 2022, a purpose-built fabrication management information system to give steel and rebar fabricators control over every stage of production.
erp technology construction

How cloud-based ERP technology is changing the construction industry

With the ever-evolving world of technology, cloud-based ERP such as EasyBuild, has seen a massive uptake by organisations. So why is this the case?
BIM project, BIM, rebar,

Making the switch: BIM and efficient rebar detailing

BIM is not just for large-scale projects; there are many benefits on offer from switching from 2D to 3D for any reinforced concrete structure.
Pilot drones, drones, skanska

Skanska pilots industry drone flights

Skanska's pilot drones can execute missions in industrial environments, from a central control room, to potentially hundreds of miles away.
digital engineering,

Adapting to change: How Covid-19 is fast-tracking digital construction

Matt Wiseman, divisional digital innovation manager at RMD Kwikform, highlights how, in the wake of Covid-19, digital engineering capabilities are set to become a key differentiator for contractors and engineers.
Smart buildings, smart BIM, technology

Unlocking the power of smart buildings

Smart technology is a familiar term, but what does “smart” really mean - and how can designers, builders and engineers harness the benefits for both new and existing buildings? Francesco Anselmo, associate director at Arup, takes a look.
Digital twin net zero, built environment,

Could digital twins provide the answers to achieving net zero emissions?

Dean Douglas of BIM Academy examines the development of digital twins and how they could evolve to create a cleaner, greener built environment.
the digital twin

The digital twin and its importance for the operational phase of...

Although digital twinning is not new, only as recently as 2017 has it become one of the top strategic technology trends. So, what exactly is a digital twin?
integrated collaboration platform

Driving accountability across teams, trades and disciplines

Revizto, a cloud-based integrated collaboration platform, enables all project teams to view project data, regardless of their location, even without the need for wi-fi in the field.
soft landings

Boosting digital transformation of local authority construction projects

A new tool launched by the Construction Innovation Hub aims to help local authorities transform how they design, build and use their buildings digitally.
rail network digital twin

Furgo to deliver digital twin of Scotland’s rail network

Geo-data specialist Furgo has been awarded a contract to survey Scotland’s rail network and provide Network Rail with a digital twin of the tracks.
Finishes Interior Sector, digital spine,

Supporting digital transformation in the interiors sector

Finishes & Interior Sector (FIS) has launched the Digital Spine, a new tool to help members to follow and understand the technologies that are shaping the present and future of construction.
Benefits of BIM,

Benefits of using BIM: Save money, energy and carbon

Sotech examines the importance of BIM, some common mistakes that are made when using it and how it could save many industries a great amount of money, energy and carbon.

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