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Future-gazing: BIM, data and the future of construction

BIM Today sits down with AECOM’s Stefan Mordue to discuss future-gazing and the impact digital transformation is already having on construction
Digital transformation

Digital transformation: Evolve or die!

Think digital transformation is just a passing fad you don’t need to worry about? Think again, says John Eynon
Trant Engineering Ltd v Mott MacDonald Ltd

Trant Engineering Ltd v Mott MacDonald Ltd: The first steer on...

Sarah Rock, Senior Associate with law firm Gowling WLG, takes a look at the decision in Trant Engineering Ltd v Mott MacDonald Ltd
Urban Sciences Building

Urban Sciences Building opens in Newcastle

As part of Newcastle’s ‘Science Central’ development, Newcastle University has opened its £59m Urban Sciences Building
BIM data process

A BIM data case study: Celebrating innovation with Knauf Insulation

Easily accessing BIM data for products is key for any designer. Lars Fredenlund CEO of coBuilder AS describes the approach taken by Knauf Insulation
BIM Level 2 at Tata Steel

Can the construction supply chain deliver BIM Level 2?

Tata Steel’s Alex Small highlights the challenges of implementing BIM Level 2 for an industry largely made up of small and medium-sized enterprises Within the...
laser scanning revit

A detailed look at the return on investment of laser scanning

In an interview, Oliver Buerkler, Senior Product Manager at Faro and laser scanning expert, looks at the value proposition of laser scanning
BIM 3D building model

Why did we bother with BIM before BIM?

Moving from a 2D world to 3D can help beat inefficiency traps before adding more value through the BIM process as outlined here by Lee Mullin of Autodesk
crowd simulation

Using BIM to enhance 3D crowd simulation – and vice versa

Marrying the evolution of 3D crowd simulation with the wealth of data generated by BIM realises new possibilities, say Oasys
digitising planning

Digitising planning – developing trust and engagement

John Twitchen, PCSG’s Head of Cities and Communities calls for planners to digitise planning and notes the benefits for all parties involved in the process
waste management innovation

Waste management innovation and becoming BIM compliant

BIM is bringing construction into the digital age - creating opportunities for waste management innovation across all sectors say Reconomy
The PlanTech era exhibition

The PlanTech era: Improving the UK planning system

Newly appointed Chief Executive Officer at Future Cities Catapult, Nicola Yates, talks to PBC Today about the dawn of the PlanTech era In June 2017,...
The BIM data problem: identifying the best solution

The BIM data problem: identifying the best solution

Paul Oakley, Director BIM at BRE says resolving the BIM data problem means recognising barriers exist and working out how to overcome these issues
A data-centric approach assures an integrated environment

A data-centric approach assures an integrated environment

BIM is synonymous with construction. Graeme Forbes, Managing Director, Clearbox explains why a data-centric approach is superior to a file-based process
big data

Big data project will help urban planners build a picture of...

An innovative big data project will create a dynamic picture of the city of Glasgow to help urban planners to develop solutions to challenges facing cities

Data: what is it, why do we have it and what...

Rob Charlton, CEO, Space Group explains the importance of data in the construction environment and why it is needed to ensure the success of projects

The scale of the challenge and the cost of compliance

Graeme Forbes, Managing Director, Clearbox discusses the challenges in the digital construction sector and the cost of compliance
product data templates with the correct data

Product data templates = smart manufacturing

Smart manufacturers recognise the need for product data templates with the correct data.
Lexicon initiative by Steve Thompson

LEXiCON – Decoding the built environment

LEXiCON provides a world-first opportunity for the industry to share product data consistently, using a plain language dictionary developed by relevant industry bodies. PCSG’s Senior Consultant and Vice Chair of BIM4M2, Steve Thompson explains more
BIM4Police Group and the need for consistency

The BIM4Police Group: A roadmap for standards

The aims of the BIM4Police Group, including the need for consistency, are explained by Javed Edahtally, Chair of BIM4Police and Head of BIM, Computer Modelling and Analysis at the Metropolitan Police Service.
smart infrastructure

Let’s seize the opportunity of smart infrastructure

Smart infrastructure can offer exciting opportunities and transform our thinking, but there is an urgent need to incorporate it more quickly, as argued here by Nabil Abou-Rahme, Head of Smart Infrastructure at Mott MacDonald

Single source of truth – a pre-requisite for Level 3 BIM?

David Jellings, Managing Director, BIMobject UK warns the industry must master BIM Level 2 before moving onto Level 3 and the importance of providing a single source of truth.

Graphisoft and BIM: Starting with the Design

Many say BIM is a process or BIM is nothing more than the collection of all building data organised into a structure database easy to query both in a “visual” and a “numerical” way. It is safe to say that BIM involves all of the above and much more
Common Data Environment

Benchmarking a Common Data Environment (CDE)

While BIM has, to date, been synonymous with Design, the Common Data Environment (CDE), as outlined in British Standard 1192:2007, is seen as a...
The BIM menu of information

The BIM menu of information

Steve Thompson, Chair of BIM4M2 and Market Manager for Construction and Infrastructure at Tata Steel discusses the game-changing potential in efficiency improvements that BIM...
BIM for coastal defences: Identifying data

BIM for coastal defences: Identifying data

In the second of a series of interviews with Carl Green, Head of Engineering Services for Wyre Council, we follow the progress throughout the...

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