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Insulated precast concrete,

Hassle-free insulated precast concrete flooring

With three key projects under the spotlight, we hear more about Spantherm – the innovative insulated precast concrete ground-floor system that is being adopted by a growing number of housebuilders and developers.
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Creagh’s Spantherm: Revolutionising fully insulated floor installation

Creagh’s Spantherm harnesses offsite production to reduce the time to install a fully insulated floor from weeks to days.

Creagh Concrete rises to the challenge of St Andrews

St. Andrews University in Fife chose Creagh Concrete for the first stage of their £70m investment plans.

Efficiency boost for local housebuilders

Spantherm is an innovative ground floor system from Creagh Concrete that is being adopted by a growing number of local housebuilders.

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