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Engaging with offsite construction

Gaynor Tennant of Modularize examines the importance of early engagement in offsite developments.
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The momentum of the modular movement

Gaynor Tennant, CBDO of Modularize, says the offsite industry must make it clear to government that it is open for business.
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How Modularize bridges the gap between architects and manufacturers

Gaynor Tennant, CBDO of Modularize, tells PBC Today how they can help address the gap between architects and manufacturers in the offsite construction sector.
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The optimum offsite construction system

Gaynor Tennant, CBDO of Modularize, discusses the importance of selecting the best offsite system for your needs when new systems, manufacturers, materials and products popping up almost every day

Think you’re innovative in construction?

You might think that offsite construction and modular buildings are something new... nonsense! We’ve been doing it in one way or another for a very long time.

PROFILE: BIM: Injecting innovation into the construction sector

The way we build is changing. There is a new breed of building design consultants emerging. Armed with a digital tool box, BIM enabled...

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