PROFILE: BIM: Injecting innovation into the construction sector


The way we build is changing. There is a new breed of building design consultants emerging. Armed with a digital tool box, BIM enabled and “hyper collaboration” ready, augmenting our reality with layers of virtual information, firing lasers to scan structures, printing door furniture in 3D and surveying buildings with remotely operated flying quadcopter drones! This new breed of consultants are ready to inject innovation into our construction sector, ready to help us all save time, improve performance and make more money.

One such forward thinking organisation is called modularize. This fresh thinking team of engineers, scientists and architects is certainly well placed to not only surf a new wave of technology but to take you by the hand and let you enjoy the ride without incurring the costs or climbing the learning curve involved in aligning your organisation with the zeitgeist of construction.

Modularize is a very digitally focused company and BIM is one of its core competencies. The future of the construction sector is increasingly likely to become fully dependant on digital building models for design, procurement and maintenance and if you’re not already taking steps to get up to speed with BIM then its companies like modularize who can help you out. In terms of distributing BIM capability throughout the supply chain we are starting to see a clear split in the industry with the emergence of “educators” and “enablers”. Modularize is camped in the BIM enabler category. This means that as one of their services modularize can offer clients a shortcut to BIM compliance. This is basically an outsourcing model. The two main examples of how outsourcing BIM works well for companies are:

1) Manufacturers of products such as door sets, window frames, air handling equipment, pumps, brackets (or any other item supplied or specified in a construction project) can employ modularize to generate a BIM library of their existing product range. This means that the manufacturer can very quickly provide a BIM catalogue on their website or uploaded to BIM libraries, helping them to get specified easier, more often and, therefore, opening the doors to more business. The online catalogue would even be intelligent and parametric, allowing different product variations to be generated quickly for your customers.

This undertaking would be achieved at a fraction of the cost it would take you to implement a BIM system or solution at your design office.

2) Compliance on larger projects can be achieved by outsourcing the full design element to modularize. By liaising with your team of engineers and designers, modularize can complement your existing capability with their BIM ready system. This allows you to compete immediately on tenders that require BIM compliance and also helps to streamline your design work-flow by developing parametric components and design automation into your processes.

Both of these options offer quick, cheap and effective ways to bring your company into the age of BIM. The benefits of outsourcing are huge since the risk of implementing BIM is lowered, providing a stepping stone if necessary to your longer term business strategy. Working with clients from all corners of the globe, the team at modularize has developed flexible, collaborative systems for design and project management which allow them to integrate seamlessly into any project, any size, anywhere in the world. Typically their clients are either:

–          Property developers, builders or main contractors – if you need help in identifying the most efficient offsite construction systems for a project then you can engage modularize to consult.

–         Manufacturers with an interest in the construction sector – you can work with modularize to uncover ways of streamlining your design processes, getting BIM “enabled”, or improving your manufacturing systems.

–         Architects – you can also work with modularize to create fully immersive and interactive building simulations in a Virtual Reality system.

For such a wide range of services and a dynamic and forward thinking organisation, modularize has a lot to offer. Give them a call to discuss how they can help you on the track to more cost effective BIM compliance.

Matthew Egan


Tel: +44 (0)788 8899 745


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