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AEC, human skill, computer software

Technology: Will it replace human skill within the AEC industry?

With the increased reliance on computer software, some are concerned that this could devolve into dependence on software and the loss of human skill.
Jobs and trades

A new way to build: Why programming is a necessary skill...

All jobs and trades inevitably change with the times, and in doing so, the required skills are subject to change over the years.
Ancient Epytians

Lessons modern engineers gained from the ancient pyramids

The Great Pyramid of Giza demonstrates the exceptional engineering skill of the Ancient Egyptians – and hold many lessons for their modern counterparts, says Professor Peter Debney.
City spaces

The rise of software cities

The technology we use is changing the way we sculpt our cities. Peter Debney of Oasys considers how software has been used in the planning process of city spaces
architecture of the city

Future now: Examining the changing architecture of the city

From rotating apartment blocks to open-sided office buildings – what does the future hold for the architecture of the city? Oasys – specialists in building design software – explore some new cutting-edge structures and how they have become a reality
crowd simulation

Using BIM to enhance 3D crowd simulation – and vice versa

Marrying the evolution of 3D crowd simulation with the wealth of data generated by BIM realises new possibilities, say Oasys
The BIM bonus: Increasing reliability and efficiency of crowd simulation software

The BIM bonus: Increasing reliability and efficiency of simulation software

BIM enables the importing of both 3D geometry and whole BIM objects, providing a valuable tool for simulation software. Here, Oasys explains
Oasys Ltd - Your Ideas Brought To Life

Specialist Engineering Software

Oasys software is developed by engineers, for engineers who need to get the most out of their designs. A conscious effort is placed on...

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