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dcw 2022

[VIDEO] Collaboration Corner: Live at DCW 2022

In this episode of Collaboration Corner, Revizto returns to London to attend DCW 2022 – Europe’s ‘biggest’ digital construction event - to talk with Multiplex, UK BIM Alliance, and more!
communication and collaboration

The golden age of communication and collaboration

Throughout the past couple years, the construction industry has made some major strides – arguably some of its biggest. The ways of the world, in a way, forced the industry to adapt quickly and adopt (to technology) even quicker.
collaboration corner, Pencoedtre High

[VIDEO] Revizto Collaboration Corner: Onsite with Bouygues UK

In his latest episode of Collaboration Corner, Rhys Lewis is onsite with client Bouygues UK at Pencoedtre High in Barry to talk about the benefits of Revizto software.
Hospital construction

How Revizto streamlined a Central London Hospital construction project

Bouygues Construction implemented Revizto software during their Central London Hospital construction project when they experienced ongoing challenges with process management. Here we learn more.
interoperability in construction

[VIDEO] Collaboration Corner: How Revizto makes interoperability in construction simple

In his latest episode of ‘collaboration corner’, Rhys Lewis heads down to the Futurebuild conference in London to demonstrate the importance and simplicity of interoperability in construction.
Revizto's Field Day

AEC professionals hail Revizto+ at its Field Day event

Yoanna Ruseva & Francesca Lofiego of ISG, Josh Cole from Jacobs and Alberto Daniele from Multiplex, showcased the impressive benefits of Revizto+ at Revizto's Field Day event in London.
hospital construction project

A cure for hospital construction project inefficiencies

Hospital construction projects are considered some of the most uniquely challenging and complex in the industry. In this ebook, Revizto examines some of the key issues involved in delivering vital healthcare facilities and how BIM is helping to overcome these hurdles on schemes around the world.
AEC industry

Onward and upward into 2022 for the AEC industry

How the AEC industry continues to adapt to the ever-changing project landscape - Pushed to the limits!
revizto collaboration corner

[VIDEO] Collaboration Corner: How Kier is using Revizto software onsite

In his latest episode of ‘collaboration corner’, Rhys Lewis travels to Cardiff to talk about all things digital construction with Kier’s delivery team, and how they are using Revizto software to help deliver Fitzalan High School.
Digital construction

Digital construction: One model fits all

In the world of digital construction, it’s not just about the files, but the ability to collaborate on them.
Clash automation

Clash-free construction: Integrated collaboration + clash automation

Clash Automation enables project stakeholders to access the full benefits of BIM. Revizto 5 enables real-time collaboration across platforms and teams.
contractors products

[VIDEO] Collaboration corner: Coordination and Soft Landings

In this episode of Rhys Lewis’s ‘collaboration corner’, Revizto returns to London to talk to AEC experts about real BIM projects, the challenges and discusses how Revizto’s integrated collaboration software is helping overcome co-ordination headache.
BIM construction projects

BIM: The team captain every construction project never knew they needed

BIM is empowering all team members on construction projects, providing accurate, real-time data, enabling better collaboration and eliminating bottlenecks and errors.
revizto switzerland

[VIDEO] Collaboration corner: Revizto’s HQ in Switzerland

In this episode of Rhys Lewis’s ‘collaboration corner’, Revizto meets with clients and colleagues at its HQ in Switzerland.

[VIDEO] Collaboration corner: On-site in London

In this episode of Rhys Lewis’s ‘collaboration corner’, Revizto takes a construction site walk at Lendlease’s 8 Bishopsgate scheme, meets with its latest client, Multiplex and joins Kier to discuss their UK Enterprise Agreement.
hospital construction,

Hospital construction: It’s been a difficult time…

The need for science, healthcare and hospitals is at an all-time high as a result of Covid-19. To meet the critical demand, the healthcare construction sector stepped up – even with construction teams facing bottlenecks, supply shortages and unpredictable delivery schedules. The remedy? BIM.
integrated collaboration platform

Driving accountability across teams, trades and disciplines

Revizto, a cloud-based integrated collaboration platform, enables all project teams to view project data, regardless of their location, even without the need for wi-fi in the field.
digital communication in construction

Revizto takes part in ‘monumental digital event’

Rhys Lewis, director at Revizto and chair of the UK BIM Alliance Wales, recently spoke at the ‘Emerging digital communication tools in construction sites’ webinar.
Tablets on site, technology

How tablets transform construction sites

How tablets transform construction sites by giving universal access to models and enabling real-time cross-team collaboration.
immersive workspace,

[VIDEO] Collaboration corner: The immersive workspace

In this episode of Rhys Lewis’s ‘collaboration corner’, Revizto conducts some important testing using Igloo Vision’s immersive workspace.
digitalisation of assetsvideo

[VIDEO] Collaboration corner: Digitalisation of assets

In another episode of Rhys Lewis’s ‘collaboration corner’, Nationwide Drones and Rhys Lewis join forces to help clients explore the digitalisation of existing and historical assets.

BIMspiration and collaboration with Rhys Lewis

Some BIMspiration for us all: Rhys Lewis from the UK BIM Alliance.
Integrated Collaboration Platforms

Construction: Digital collaboration and the new competitive advantage

Integrated Collaboration Platforms like Revizto are helping to challenge the idea that rework and waste are an inevitable part of complex construction projects.
integrated collaboration platform

Revizto – Construction software for maximum workflow

Revizto is the industry-leading Integrated Collaboration Platform (ICP) used by architects, engineers, contractors and owners to maximise workflows throughout the entire project lifecycle The integrated...

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