In his latest episode of ‘collaboration corner’, Rhys Lewis heads down to Futurebuild in London to demonstrate the importance and simplicity of interoperability in construction

One of the things that the industry is constantly interested in is open standards and interoperability in construction.  Revizto is deeply passionate about interoperability and is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to connect clients to the latest and greatest.

This episode of collaboration corner kicks off with Revizto director Rhys Lewis, who is live at the Futurebuild event in London, and is keen to talk to some of Revizto’s existing software vendors and collect some data.

Revizto makes interoperability in construction simple

Lewis firstly meets with Jas Pawar from Bricsys. He asks Pawar to provide some of their file formats, including IFC and DWG.

Lewis demonstrates how Bricsys IFC files have been imported directly into Revizto, and how easily different file formats can be imported into Revizto’s software.

Next, Rhys Lewis heads over to FULmax, to invite their team to the project.

He states: “What we’ve done is take that BricsCAD data into Revizto, and then here into this immersive environment.”

He asks Pawar about the accessibility of the software, and the interoperability of Revizto.

Pawar states: “It was seamless. Our software supports all sorts of files, BricsCAD is native DWG, and we also use IFC. We are seeing a massive influx of new customers embracing the software. It’s a great solution and I highly recommend everyone to try it”.

He adds: “From 2D or 3D, mechanical design or BIM, its all wrapped in one application”.

The importance of interoperability and collaboration

Lastly, Lewis explains the importance of partnerships and interoperability in the construction industry, and how these collaborative experiments lead to innovation.

In just 10 minutes, Revizto was able to extract IFC from Bricsys, import the IFC file to Revizto, and invite FULmax to collaborate in an immersive space from multiple devices and locations using the camera share feature.


Rhys Lewis


Twitter: @rhyslewis_bim

LinkedIn: rhyslewisrevizto


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