[VIDEO] Collaboration Corner: How Kier is using Revizto software onsite


In his latest episode of ‘collaboration corner’, Rhys Lewis travels to Cardiff to talk about all things digital construction with Kier’s delivery team, and how they are using Revizto software to help deliver Fitzalan High School

This episode of collaboration corner kicks off with Revizto director Rhys Lewis, who is onsite with client Kier in South Wales.

Kier Group and Revizto signed a 3-year enterprise agreement earlier this year, which is the start of an exciting partnership.

All project data within Revizto will be UK hosted, a critical requirement for many of Kier Group’s clients.

This exciting news comes after a lengthy business-wide review by the digital leadership team including Andy Boutle, Louise Dawes & others.

The Digital by Default programme has really assisted in helping the business transform their collaboration processes as they embark on deploying Revizto across the board.

About the project

Lewis firstly meets with Russell Baker, senior BIM manager at Kier construction. He asks Baker about his role in the industry, and about the Fitzalan High School project.

Baker said: “I’m the senior BIM manager for the western and Wales region, covering the whole of Cardiff, Wales and into Bristol and Cornwall. I’ve been at Kier for nearly four years.”

“Fitzalan High School is a £56m project, consisting of approximately 100 classrooms with four fantastic sports pitches and a four-lane, 25 metre swimming pool.”

‘Digital by Default; enhancing communication and collaboration with technology’

Next, Rhys Lewis catches up with Jonathan Walters, senior BIM coordinator: “I’m a senior BIM coordinator at Kier, and currently we’re bringing Revizto into this project. I’ve been working with Kier for about 6 months now, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.”

Lewis and Walters then head on to take a closer look at the project to show how Revizto technology is being used in the onsite construction process.

‘Client engagement significantly elevated’

Back in the site cabin, Rhys sits down with Andrew Miles, senior project manager at Kier construction.

Andrew tells us about his role at Kier: “I’ve been with Kier for 7 years. My first project was a hotel in the centre of Cardiff, and now I’m here today to deliver Fitzalan High School, which is funded by 21st Century Schools, the Welsh government, and Cardiff County Council.”

Lewis asks how the spotlight is on Kier with their Revizto journey and embracing digital technology.

Miles replies: “Kier are moving forward with digital technology. Revizto was brought to us five weeks ago, and we’ve been on a couple of workshops as a team, to show us what Revizto can do.”

“Over the last three weeks we’ve really been delving into how we can use Revizto to benefit the team. It’s not just a model, it’s got to benefit the site team not just on production, but also commercial and even CSR.”

Miles goes on to explain how Revizto is being used on the construction site: “Operations staff have got tablets. Four weeks ago, in very early stages of the process, we had Mrs J Kemp from Fitzalan High School, who brought the SLT team over for a regular visit. Adam Riley, one of our site managers, was able to actually show on his iPad the end result, and the atrium space in it’s bare form, and bring it to life”.

“Client engagement has been significantly elevated, being able to show the end-user there and then the atrium space in it’s bare form driving Revizto on their iPad was just incredible!”

Significantly reducing task time

Lastly, Lewis interviews Tom Lewis, assistant quantity surveyor at Kier, who explains how Revizto technology is significantly reducing task time.

“Usually, say if we had to quantify how many bricks to use for example, we would have to go through drawings to try and take measurements and emit specifications such as windows, etc. It can take days and days to do.”

By using Revizto software, the QS team have been able to digitise their process, reducing task time from four days, down to five minutes.

Revizto will be heading down to Digital Construction Week on the 24 November to speak with Andy Boutle, head of BIM at Kier construction about enhancing communication and collaboration with technology at Fitzalan High School.

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