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fall protection systems

Going above and beyond fall protection systems

Given the current state of the EN 795 standard and the ever-increasing thermal performance requirements of roof systems, James Gooder, fall protection business unit manager at SFS UK, looks at the implications for fall risks and fall protection systems.
rainscreen subframe

School for success: Why rainscreen subframe systems are crucial in the...

The government’s ambitious plans for a 10-year programme of school rebuilding face a major challenge, given the poor thermal performance of old building stock. David Fraser, business unit manager, NVELOPE® of SFS, explains how to get the best from the school building envelope using rainscreen subframe systems.

SFS NVELOPE Rainscreen Subframe

Building envelope specialist SFS traces its roots back over 120 years and today, the company's construction division is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of carbon and stainless steel fastening solutions for roofing, cladding and façade systems.
embodied carbon

Securing the built environment’s future with carbon tracking

As the construction industry continues moving towards a more sustainable future, tracking the amount of carbon embedded in building products will be crucial to companies becoming more environmentally friendly. Andrew Stolworthy, Director of Product and Market Development of SFS, explains what the industry needs to do to on this journey.
rail cutting service

SFS launches cost-effective rail cutting service

Market-leader in building envelope solutions, SFS, is offering a brand-new optimised rail cutting service, as part of its tailored NVELOPE® package.
Carbon products

Counting carbon for a more sustainable future

Andrew Stolworthy of SFS explains why the company is embarking on a journey to start tracking how much carbon is embedded within its products.
Thermal efficiency, high-rise buildings

Why thermal efficiency is important in high-rise buildings

Simon Fielden, sales director at SFS UK, explores the role of the building envelope in increasing thermal resistance and reducing energy consumption.

Flat out on flat roofs: Adjustable fasteners and heat induction innovations

As construction gets back to work post-Covid, roofing installers and contractors will be asked to work more efficiently. The fastening solutions they choose can make all the difference to this effort, as explained by Martyn Holloway, business development manager – flat roof at SFS.
Subframe system

Solving the refurbishment problem in car parks and tower blocks

Unsafe, unsightly and environmentally unfriendly… faced with these challenges, owners and contractors are looking for effective ways to turn tired constructions into desirable buildings. David Fraser, business unit manager at SFS, considers the problems and explains how NVF2F, a new generation of subframe, can bridge the gap.
Upcycling older buildings, recycle materials, upcycling

Creating new futures for older buildings: The rising role of upcycling

Simon Fielden, sales director at SFS, looks at the role of the building envelope in upcycling, using an example from Britain’s home of motor racing.
Construction innovation,

Standardising structural elements: A platform for construction innovation

Building envelope manufacturers SFS and the Construction Innovation Hub discuss how they are using ‘platforms’ to bring about construction innovation. Learning from other manufacturing sectors is the key to making this a reality.
Fastening solutions

SFS – Fastening solutions in the building envelope

SFS is a global market leader for mechanical fastening systems and precision formed components for the building envelope.
Thermal bridging

How you could make sustainable buildings hot property

Simon Fielden, Sales Director at SFS UK, discusses what specifiers should consider in order to make building envelopes as thermally efficient as possible.
fasteners and fixings,

Fasteners, fixings and everything in between for fast track construction

Buildings need to come together more quickly than ever. To do so without compromising integrity and quality depends on every little detail. This detail comes right down to the fasteners and fixings that hold the building envelope together, explains David Fraser, NVELOPE® business unit manager at SFS UK.
fastener system,

Fasteners and heat induction technologies enable faster flat roofing installations

The construction industry and our ability to “build, build, build” is key to the UK’s economic recovery. Martyn Holloway, business development manager – flat roof at SFS, discusses how innovative fastening systems can lead to fast and reliable single-ply flat roofing installations.
Fall protection, SFS Intec

Blending in: How fall protection can do its job while hidden...

Fall protection solutions can often spoil the aesthetic of buildings and rooftops. However, with innovative fall arrest systems, they can do their job while being hidden to the naked eye, explains James Gooder, Fall Protection Business Unit manager at SFS.
Building envelope, energy efficiency,

Energy conundrum: Securing futures through the building envelope

As the pressure mounts on the construction industry to achieve zero-carbon buildings, Vincent Matthews, head of UK marketing at SFS, explores how the building envelope can help to reduce energy usage and enhance a building’s lifespan.

Securing better buildings with the correct bracket application

David Fraser, NVELOPE® business unit manager at SFS, discusses the finer details behind these building envelope systems and how correct bracket specification simplifies complex challenges.
NH3 bracket, SFS

SFS launches new building envelope bracket

SFS has launched the latest iteration of its leading building envelope bracket, the NH3, helping to boost efficiency and decrease installation time.
Building envelope, Sustainability, upcycling,

How building envelopes give old buildings a new lease of life

Simon Fielden, sales director at SFS, explains why upcycling is en vogue in construction, and how building envelopes can give old buildings...

A specifier’s guide to fasteners and fixings

Fasteners and fixings are very often forgotten about in the build chain, and are either a last-minute consideration or left to the contractor’s discretion. However, when fasteners are correctly specified from the outset, there are huge benefits down the line. Neil Kirwan, specification manager at SFS, explains.
The Weston, RIBA Yorkshire Awards, Bretton Hall

SFS’s The Weston wins four RIBA Yorkshire Awards

The Weston at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park has won four RIBA Yorkshire Awards and has now been shortlisted for the 2019 RIBA Stirling prize.
The Academy, construction, SFS

SFS and Tom Dyckhoff launch The Academy with renewed purpose

SFS have launched The Academy as a dedicated space to train fresh entrants into the industry.
working at height,

Improving design and safety when working at height

James Gooder of SFS explains how understanding how protection works and what’s best for each situation can improve the safety of those working at height.
NVF2F, cladding support,

SFS launches NVF2F system to support rainscreen installation

SFS, specialists in building envelope systems has launched its new generation NVF2F vertical cladding support system.
Fasteners and fixings, BIM, construction industry

Fasteners and fixings to fix the construction crisis

Vincent Matthews, marketing manager at SFS, discusses how fasteners and fixings can raise productivity once again and help keep construction work on track.

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