Energy News

Energy News

energy efficient behaviour

Encouraging consumers to adopt energy efficient behaviour

A host of government initiatives have failed to persuade householders to implement energy efficient behaviour. Simon Storer, Chief Executive of BRUFMA, examines how we break through this engagement barrier
Clean Growth Strategy

Housing specialists respond to Clean Growth Strategy

The government’s announcement of the Clean Growth Strategy has outlined how the UK aims to cut carbon emissions to combat climate change while continuing to drive economic growth
energy performance gap

BSRIA’s role in Built2Spec for reducing the building energy performance gap

Build2Spec aims to meet EU energy efficiency targets by tackling the energy performance gap for both new and retrofit buildings. Divya Deepankar and Chris Thompson of BSRIA’s Sustainable Construction Group discuss their work in this ambitious project

Designing to meet the Part L challenge

Keystone’s commitment to innovating the industry has been demonstrated once again by the introduction of an advanced version of its award-winning Hi-therm Lintel
sustainable buildings

Commission releases EU-wide tool for sustainable buildings

The European Commission has launched the pilot phase of ‘Level(s)’, a new EU- framework for sustainable buildings, aimed at helping transform the building sector
solar roof tile

Solecco Solar to launch solar roof tile solution

Solecco Solar is preparing to launch its solar roof tile solution at UK Construction Week next month, the most popular event in the construction calendar
hybrid heating systems

Project installs first phase of hybrid heating systems

As part of a £5.2m innovation project designed to prove the economic benefits of providing a flexible choice between fuels for heating, PassivSystems has installed hybrid heating systems in housing properties across South Wales
regeneration plans

Ground-breaking technology at Trent Basin helps spearhead council’s regeneration plans

The newest housing community in Nottingham is leading the way in design, energy and sustainability. Nick Ebbs, Chief Executive at Blueprint, explains why Trent Basin is earning a name for its ground-breaking, energy-saving technology
Underfloor air conditioning

Underfloor air conditioning – Less waste, a better use of space

Underfloor air conditioning can save space, materials and energy today, while future-proofing buildings for decades to come
energy performance gap

Building modelling literacy a factor in the energy performance gap

A study led by Prof David Coley suggests the “literacy” of building modelling professionals should be addressed to combat the energy performance gap
Innovative glass blocks -Solar Squared

Buildings could generate their own power with innovative glass blocks

Buildings could soon be able to convert the sun’s energy into electricity without the need for solar panels, thanks to innovative glass blocks.
passivhaus office

A rare carbon neutral and Passivhaus office opens

An area of land on the edge of the Boughton Estate, Northamptonshire, has been transformed into a carbon neutral and Passivhaus office by Building Services Design
innovative construction solutions

Creating innovative construction solutions at Keystone

Richard Kinloch, National Specification Manager at Keystone Lintels says innovative construction solutions are the key to creating smarter products for the market
membrane technology in construction

Heat reflecting membrane technology has a role to play in construction

Colin Hawkes, Managing Director at Apollo Energy Research explains how membrane technology helps control heat while reducing a building’s carbon footprint Long-life Heat Reflecting Membranes made from various sheet materials were conceived by NASA space scientists to protect orbiting craft from solar radiation. This heat control technology has spawned a...