Despite the very significant challenges of the past year, ICW Group, one of the UK’s leading providers of building warranty and building control services, has delivered a robust performance in 2021, charting one of the busiest periods on record for the group

ICW Group, with offices in London, Belfast and South Shields, has over 120 staff working across the UK, delivering building warranties and building control services.

Aaron McCarten, chief operating officer at ICW Group, said: “Underpinned by the strength of ICW’s offer and enabled by high levels of customer service, we continue to invest in our business so that we can offer reliable and cost-effective solutions to our clients, working with them from the early stages of a project right through to completion.”

Providing bespoke solutions

ICW pride themselves on their flexibility, assisting clients to arrange bespoke solutions to ensure that they find the right cover for their projects. ICW is currently working on numerous development projects right across the UK, providing competitively priced structural building warranties and building control services for residential, commercial and social housing developments.

During the past year, ICW Group has positioned the business to address the opportunities in the market. Utilising the latest technology, ICW Group has grown in scale and turnover, and the company has ambitious plans to expand further still. ICW continues to invest in technology, developing enhanced systems and processes to support the wider business activities.

ICW staff have shown resilience over the past year, supporting each other through ever-changing requirements and the company is delighted to have grown in numbers too, with overall headcount across the group having increased by 30%.

As conditions in the market continue to improve, it is encouraging to see activity in the housebuilding and construction sectors rising steadily. One important growth area is the use of MMC as the housebuilding industry has embraced the use of innovative and modular products and systems alongside more traditional build methods.

“It is evident that construction and housebuilding activities have an important role to play in driving and supporting wider economic recovery and ICW Group are here to help as we look towards better times ahead.”

The use of MMC has come into sharp focus during the last few years due to issues such as labour shortages, material shortages and logistical issues caused by many external market factors. ICW are active in encouraging and supporting the use of MMC and work with clients offering a solution to approve the use of modular on builds.

Delivering efficiencies

One of ICW’s main strengths lies in providing high levels of customer service. The company has received fantastic feedback from clients who are using the innovative ICW Client Portal. With portal access, clients and brokers can log in and manage site paperwork all in one place, to enable efficiencies on site. The portal has proved particularly beneficial for both ICW and its customers during the pandemic, enabling business continuity during the lockdowns – just one of the many ways ICW continues to go above and beyond for clients and partners.

ICW Group is a key partner for housebuilders and property developers and having secured multiple new projects during the past 12 months, it is an exciting time for the business, expanding services and growing in staff numbers to further support clients to prosper as the world emerges from the pandemic.

It is evident that construction and housebuilding activities have an important role to play in driving and supporting wider economic recovery and ICW Group are here to help as we look towards better times ahead.

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