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ICW Group marked a number of significant milestones in 2020 as it continues to expand its support of housebuilding and Modern Methods of Construction

The new year is traditionally a time for looking forward and this year has the potential to be a more hopeful one with a post-vaccine future on the horizon. It’s also an opportunity to reflect and recognise some of the positive things that happened last year and there are several highlights that ICW Group has celebrated over the past 12 months.

ICW Group works with clients across the property and construction sector, from housebuilders and developers to homeowners and architects, to deliver a bespoke and flexible service to ensure that every build project is a success. ICW Group has built a solid reputation within the industry and the combination of hands-on experience and first-rate knowledge of the build process along with high levels of customer service are the solid foundations for the specialised services it offers.

ICW Group has expanded their activities during 2020, offering new services and taking on several new team members, and is now well established as one of the leading building warranty providers in the UK, providing A-rated cover. Having launched ICW Building Control in early 2020, ICW is also an approved inspector providing building control services in England and Wales, licensed by the Construction Industry Council.

During 2020, the company made a significant investment in the move to new bigger head office premises to accommodate all staff safely and comfortably. The new ICW Group head office offers modern, flexible space for teams to collaborate on projects and allows for further expansion as the business grows.

Aaron McCarten, chief operating officer, ICW Group, says: “ICW Group’s operations have been growing rapidly over the past few years, driven by increased demand for our services. We have ambitious plans for the future as we further develop our services and offering.

“We will remain focused on growth as we continue to deliver high quality services to the construction industry.”

Delivering building control services

At ICW Building Control, the team is dedicated to providing an efficient and straightforward service that helps clients to deliver compliant, safe and comfortable buildings. With building control inspectors and surveyors operating across England and Wales, ICW supports the delivery of residential and commercial developments and the demand for services bears out in the number of development projects that are currently underway.

Supporting the use of MMC

The pandemic quickly changed the way we work and live, and offers an opportunity to re-examine how we build for the future. In addition to providing building warranties and building control services, ICW Group supports housebuilders and developers by providing a product approval service that will smooth the way for using Modern Methods of Construction on build projects. The ICW approval process has been designed to assist manufacturers and suppliers through a framework of technical inspections to gain product approval, ensuring that architects and specifiers can be confident about the quality and suitability of systems and products used to deliver high quality and affordable homes.

ICW Group is looking at the year ahead with optimism and is ready to assist clients to support their delivery of new homes and developments. The residential property market has shown signs of recovery from the impact of Covid-19 and the prospects for 2021 remain positive. The government has recognised the significant contribution that construction makes to the UK economy and the sector will continue to receive funding, targeted at SME housebuilders and use of MMC, to support UK housebuilding and ensure the delivery of good quality homes.

To find out more about the range of services that ICW Group offers, please visit i-c-w.co.uk or contact one of our sales team on info@i-c-w.co.uk.



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