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ICW Group has built a solid reputation within the property and construction industries and is now one of the UK’s leading providers of building warranties with A-rated cover. The company welcomed 2020 with plans to grow the business and, despite the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, ICW Group has continued to successfully implement its strategy to expand their activities resulting in a strong performance this year

ICW Group works with clients across the construction sector, from housebuilders and property developers to homeowners and social housing organisations. Taking a client-centric approach, ICW Group delivers a bespoke and flexible service to ensure each and every build project is a success. As a reputable and well-established provider of building warranties, ICW is also an Approved Inspector, successfully launching ICW Building Control earlier in 2020 to offer clients a cost-effective way to obtain essential approvals on development projects.

Supporting Modern Methods of Construction

The construction industry has had to overcome many challenges this year and in times of uncertainty, finding new ways of working can be key to success. One area of progress is the use of modern and innovative methods of construction on residential housing developments. Traditionally used in the commercial sector, there is an increasing demand for the use of MMC on residential projects in the UK as its many benefits are being realised.

In addition to providing building warranties and building control services, ICW Group supports housebuilders and developers by providing a product approval service that will smooth the way for using Modern Methods of Construction on build projects. The ICW approval process has been designed to assist manufacturers and suppliers through a framework of technical inspections to gain product approval, ensuring that architects and specifiers can be confident about the quality and suitability of systems and products used to deliver high quality and affordable homes. This new service is just one of the many ways that ICW Group has adapted to meet its clients’ needs and strengthen the development process at every step.

Aaron McCarten, ICW Group chief operating officer, said: “Our clients and staff have demonstrated incredible resilience and an ability to cope with unparalleled challenges this year.

ICW Group continues to move forward, taking an ambitious and optimistic approach to ensure that we can support our clients as we continue to deliver high quality services to the construction industry”.

Customer service excellence

With a focus on delivering excellent customer service and building strong relationships, ICW Group knows the industry and understands the pressures that clients may face. As a result, clients can rest assured knowing that ICW are working in partnership with them, keeping their interests at the fore and ensuring their business is a success.

At ICW Group, the combination of hands-on experience and first-rate knowledge of the build process, along with high levels of customer service, are the solid foundations for the specialised services they offer. ICW Group employees take pride in their work and endeavour to support clients, working alongside them at each stage to deliver quality build projects.

To find out more about the range of services that ICW Group offers, please visit i-c-w.co.uk or contact one of our sales team on info@i-c-w.co.uk.



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