Latest BIM guidance unlocks digital ways of working


BSI, the Centre for Digital Built Britain and the UK BIM Alliance has released the fourth edition of ‘Guidance Part 2: Process for Project Delivery’ to help practitioners implement BIM

The fourth edition of Guidance Part 2: Process for Project Delivery aims to help practitioners in the UK to implement BIM according to the ISO 19650 series.

The new edition extends guidance into the areas of exchange information requirements, the level of information need, information delivery planning and open data and buildingSMART.

Co-editor of the revised guidance part 2, Sarah Davidson, said: “This fourth edition of the guidance remains a collaborative effort and its publication represents the combined work of many colleagues. I am very grateful to them for their commitment to the guidance during these uncertain times that we are all experiencing.

“This fourth edition addresses key areas that are relevant to all project team members; it is intended to be helpful, practical and accessible to support the adoption of the ISO 19650 standards that are currently available.

“We are pleased to receive your feedback and we are already looking ahead to the next edition, so please keep it coming.”

Industry needs

Dr Anne Kemp OBE, chair of the UK BIM Alliance, commented: “We would like to thank all the practitioners who have collaborated in the development of this guidance and encourage all who are using it to share their experience with us.

“It is important that the guidance reflects industry needs, and we are committed to providing quarterly updates to ensure the UK BIM Framework provide value wherever you are on your information management journey.”

Ant Burd, associate director, head of built environment at BSI, said: “The UK continues to lead the way globally in developing information management process standards for building information modelling (BIM) in the built environment, and the ISO 19650 standards, supported by this latest 4th edition of the ‘project delivery’ guidance, forms part of the strategy to both support UK practitioners in implementing BIM and share our experience and knowledge globally.”

Unlocking value from digital working

Executive director of CDBB, Alexandra Bolton, added: “We are proud to partner with BSI and the UK BIM Alliance to provide support for industry as we transition to the ISO 19650 series.

“Getting information requirements right from the start, using the UK BIM Framework, is the first step in unlocking value from digital ways of working in the built environment including AI, machine learning and digital twins.”

The guidance has been developed for the UK BIM Framework with support from industry – you can access it here.


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