bricscad® digital summit

The BricsCAD® Digital Summit is back for 2021 following the success of Bricsys’ first all-digital event last year

The BricsCAD® Digital Summit, taking place on 26 October, will host 3,000+ design professionals in the world of construction, manufacturing, engineering, and architecture.

Professionals will have the opportunity to learn from top industry specialists, and network with peers.

What to expect?

The BricsCAD Digital Summit Take will include:

  • Watch 3+ hours of exclusive content
  • The official launch of BricsCAD® V22
  • 10+ inspiring industry leading speakers
  • A deep-dive into BricsCAD with its technical specialists.

Be the first to witness the evolution of the BricsCAD platform, as the company unveils V22 and showcase the enhanced capabilities.

Industry experts will walk through tips, tricks and tactics to revolutionise your workflow with BricsCAD.

Speakers’ sessions include:

Inside Bricsys’ vision for BricsCAD with Cathi Hayes, vice president of portfolio go-to-market at Bricsys

Hayes will take a look at how Bricsys’ single-platform vision and unique approach for BricsCAD, based on industry-standard DWG, offers an exciting modern alternative for the building, civil and manufacturing industries.

This session discusses how to transform the vision for BricsCAD into reality with real-world workflow examples that bring the ‘One Platform’ approach to life.

Discover the flexibility and productivity BricsCAD offers for 2D drafting, 3D modelling, intelligent mechanical design and intelligent building design.

The evolving role of BricsCAD pro in civil engineering with Rick Ellis, product manager – BricsCAD civil platform

In this session, Ellis will outline Bricsys vision for BricsCAD in the civil engineering industry and how it will deliver innovation and value now and in the future.

He will introduce the latest features and improvements in BricsCAD Pro for civil users, and highlight “the possible” with the diverse projects that have been delivered through BricsCAD and its specialist civil partner applications.

A different approach: BricsCAD BIM with Melissa Rivera, product manager – BricsCAD BIM, and Peter Koncz, go-to-market manager at Bricsys

Rivera and Koncz will present to you the only BIM workflow in the industry where design decisions come first, and artificial intelligence algorithms automate the laborious tasks of manipulating detail levels, BIM data and documentation.

Find out how the solution delivers a unified workflow with a continuously developing level of detail that streamlines design, BIM, and fabrication into a single process. This approach is based on a familiar DWG platform that enables you to transition seamlessly from 2D to 3D and BIM.

Flexible and intelligent design for manufacturers: BricsCAD mechanical with Christian Lecomte, product manager – BricsCAD Sheet Metal, and Gavin England, go-to-market manager at Bricsys

In this session, you will see how BricsCAD Mechanical makes mechanical design accessible, enables greater design freedom, and connects BIM to fabrication in a single design environment.

Lecomte and England will outline the common design problems BricsCAD Mechanical solves, and showcase how it efficiently addresses the design-to-manufacture process.

They will offer a preview of the exciting new updates in V22 that can improve the different elements of this process, helping you develop great products, even faster.

You’ll also learn how Bricsys customers are making an easy and fast transition from a 2D to a 3D mechanical design environment and how BricsCAD Mechanical, as part of the end-to-end design platform, is enabling them to take advantage of innovative new design workflows.

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