SCIA AutoConverter: True automation from structural to analysis model

Structural analysis

Arno Dumoulin explains how he gained 50% time using SCIA’s structural analysis solution, AutoConverter

At Losinger Marazzi, we focus on two types of projects. On one side, we develop our own projects for which we look for investors. On the other side, we participate in pitches where the projects are developed by someone else.

Recently we have used the structural analysis software, SCIA AutoConverter for one of our own development projects. Together with our in-house architects, I uploaded Revit or IFC files into the AutoConverter. We went over them and exported the aligned structure.

First experience: Very intuitive

I am pleased with the result. The filtering possibilities are very handy for every model. It’s very practical! It’s also easy for you to get the hang of the AutoConverter. Everything works very intuitively.

Even when the AutoConverter is modelling, you can see exactly how the structure is put together and how it works. The SCIA AutoConverter does everything automatically.

Biggest advantage

An enormous gain of time! There are a lot of things that we don’t have to do manually anymore.

It used to take up to 20% of modelling time. It’s now reduced to maybe 5% or 10%.

Most of the time, the conversion phase is very fast. In 30 minutes or less, the work of the AutoConverter is done. On the complete modelling phase, I usually gain 30% up to 80%.

Before the AutoConverter, we use to use other SCIA structural analysis software just for the analysis and design calculations. Then we drew the 2D plans for our colleagues to price the structure. That was an enormous waste of time. We had modelled everything and then converted everything into 2D drawings when all of the information was already in the model.


We were looking for a way to add more information to the process to share with colleagues. We found the solution in the ‘attributes’ option. Our colleagues could easily extract the numbers by using Solibri. This resulted in an enormous gain of time and a reduced risk of making mistakes.

Even when we receive 3D models from other people (for example, architects), we can apply the same procedure. Before, the 3D models had to be of a certain quality. But now, with the SCIA AutoConverter, everything is possible. The 3D model has to be of poor quality to be rejected by SCIA AutoConverter.

I recommend everyone to try it out for themselves.


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