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Copenhagen Airport

Solibri case study: Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport has around 100 projects every year to accommodate the needs of increasing number of passengers. With the help of BIM and Solibri, the quality of the projects has improved – in addition to achieving generous cost savings.

4D visualisation shapes bold addition to London skyline

Digital technology including 3D modelling and 4D visualisation has played a key role in the development of One Crown Place on the boundary of the City of London.
BIM project, BIM, rebar,

Making the switch: BIM and efficient rebar detailing

BIM is not just for large-scale projects; there are many benefits on offer from switching from 2D to 3D for any reinforced concrete structure.
Bridge construction

Gregor Strekelj: BIM and the revolution in bridge construction

BIMToday talks with Gregor Strekelj, Product Manager Infrastructure at ALLPLAN, who explains the challenges of today’s bridge construction and how BIM helps to overcome them.
Return to office, back to the office, building,

How should we engineer a safe return to offices?

As people start to return to offices, George Adams, director of energy and engineering at Spie UK, looks at how technology can help make ensure buildings are safe, healthy and more sustainable places to be now and in the long term.
Smart buildings, smart BIM, technology

Unlocking the power of smart buildings

Smart technology is a familiar term, but what does “smart” really mean - and how can designers, builders and engineers harness the benefits for both new and existing buildings? Francesco Anselmo, associate director at Arup, takes a look.
Digital twin net zero, built environment,

Could digital twins provide the answers to achieving net zero emissions?

Dean Douglas of BIM Academy examines the development of digital twins and how they could evolve to create a cleaner, greener built environment.
the digital twin

The digital twin and its importance for the operational phase of...

Although digital twinning is not new, only as recently as 2017 has it become one of the top strategic technology trends. So, what exactly is a digital twin?
integrated collaboration platform

Driving accountability across teams, trades and disciplines

Revizto, a cloud-based integrated collaboration platform, enables all project teams to view project data, regardless of their location, even without the need for wi-fi in the field.
BIM Today

BIM Today June 2021

Welcome to the June edition of BIM Today. In this issue, we look at everything from boosting digital skills in the construction workforce to the potential of digital twins in achieving net zero carbon, the future of drone technology in the UK and the role of 4D visualisation in improving health and safety.
Enterprise Wharf,

Birmingham’s first smart-enabled building is under construction

Enterprise Wharf will be a tech-enabled environment to support the evolution of the workplace and the changing needs of employees.
soft landings

Boosting digital transformation of local authority construction projects

A new tool launched by the Construction Innovation Hub aims to help local authorities transform how they design, build and use their buildings digitally.
Structural analysis

SCIA AutoConverter: True automation from structural to analysis model

Arno Dumoulin explains how he gained 50% time using SCIA’s structural analysis solution, AutoConverter. Discover more here.
mental health, causeway technologies

Causeway teams up with Premier League club to tackle mental health

Construction software provider launches strategic partnership with official Everton FC charity to improve mental health in Merseyside and the construction industry.
COINS Grand Challenge

COINS Grand Challenge: Boosting construction innovation

The COINS Grand Challenge is a global competition that aims to give a kick-start to ideas that could transform the construction industry and built environment.
Finishes Interior Sector, digital spine,

Supporting digital transformation in the interiors sector

Finishes & Interior Sector (FIS) has launched the Digital Spine, a new tool to help members to follow and understand the technologies that are shaping the present and future of construction.

Health and safety goes 4D

Despite the name, 3D Repo is championing the use of 4D in construction, whether for health and safety, planning, BIM or creating digital twins. Find out more here.
Benefits of BIM,

Benefits of using BIM: Save money, energy and carbon

Sotech examines the importance of BIM, some common mistakes that are made when using it and how it could save many industries a great amount of money, energy and carbon.
Common data environments construction (CDE)

Technology mythbusting: Using Common Data Environments in construction

Andrew Martin of Egnyte challenges some of the myths that have arisen around Common Data Environments and the reliability of construction data in the cloud.
Revu for iPad

The Walsh Group boosts mobility on I-75 expansion

Contractor uses Revu for iPad to bolster complex document management on the £54m expansion of the Interstate 75 highway in Atlanta, Georgia.
Construction communication (contract communication)

Cloud-based solutions to minimise contract miscommunication?

With many disputes that arise within the construction industry being due to poor or ambiguous communication, director at Sypro and NEC4 co-author, Dr Stuart Kings, examines why the cloud-based leap is central to better contract communication.
Planning system, data

Digitisation: The future of planning

Alex Wrottesley of Landmark Information argues that digitisation and geospatial data will be essential to making the system more productive.
Digital technologies, digital transformation

Digital technologies: Upskilling for rapid urbanisation

Lukasz Adamik, UK vice-president of consulting at Microdesk, looks at how companies can get the right training partner for rapid urbanisation.
Subframe system

Solving the refurbishment problem in car parks and tower blocks

Unsafe, unsightly and environmentally unfriendly… faced with these challenges, owners and contractors are looking for effective ways to turn tired constructions into desirable buildings. David Fraser, business unit manager at SFS, considers the problems and explains how NVF2F, a new generation of subframe, can bridge the gap.
digital twinning, Arecibo,

Could Arecibo’s collapse be the last of its kind?

Patrick Bohle, vice-president of solutions marketing at FARO Technologies, looks at how digital twin technology will transform fault diagnosis, predictive maintenance and product development.
Women in BIM, Careers in BIM

Women in BIM: Building a powerful collaborative network

Almost a decade on from its creation, Women in BIM founder Rebecca De Cicco discusses the group’s global growth and its ongoing mission to provide support, networking and education for female professionals in the sector.

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