PBC Today takes a look at the nominees in the Best Technology Partner category at the Building Innovation Awards, taking place at The Midland Hotel, Manchester, on 23 October

This award will recognise an organisation that has developed and delivered cutting-edge technology to help customers achieve business transformation and success. It’s about impressive technology, of course, but it’s also about a commitment to going above and beyond in terms of service, engagement and professionalism.

The nominees are:


Bluebeam provides project teams with collaborative digital solutions that support their existing workflows from start to finish. Customers can save time and money during all phases of the project lifecycle with Bluebeam Revu. The company works closely with industry professionals to ensure it is addressing relevant industry needs and seamlessly integrates into existing workflows to improve processes without being disruptive.


Sunderland-based Clixifix was established in 2012 and has developed a revolutionary web-based defect and repair resolution platform for housebuilders and commercial contractors. The solution supports the holistic process of aftercare by enabling clients to track companies’ performances in responding to defects and repairs, as well as solving customer care problems. The company has grown from strength to strength, with many of the leading players in the industry using innovative software.


Congrid was founded in 2013 by a team of construction site managers who had become frustrated with the use of pen, paper and Excel files to control the quality and safety of construction sites. Congrid’s cloud-based software offers users one platform to handle quality and safety management on any construction project, reducing quality costs, improving safety and maximising site productivity.

Grain Connect

Grain Connect is building a disruptive and exciting brand that industry clients and end customers are proud to associate themselves with. And to achieve this, improvement of product and service and innovation in every aspect of its work, from design and delivery to customer sign up methods, are what Grain’s team is encouraged to do. To deliver live connection on day one means that no process is set in stone and everything can be improved.

Hydrosphere Innovations

Hydrosphere technology revolutionises the closed system cleaning process, saving time, profits and our planet. The firm’s method can be three times quicker to complete, 20 times better for the environment and adds years to the life of a system. Hydrosphere results surpass industry guidelines – setting a new standard for closed-loop water treatment.


Hyperoptic, the UK’s largest residential gigabit broadband provider is working hand in glove with over 200 housing organisations including developers, property management companies, social housing providers and councils to provide residents with the UK’s fastest broadband. These unique partnerships are enabling the next generation of smart homes and digital inclusion to a broad spectrum of demographics, across the UK.

Integrity Software

Integrity Software is a provider of the award-winning Evolution range of construction industry-specific job costing and accounting software in the UK and Ireland. With new developments including browser-based business analytics to make real-time information easy to access from anywhere from any device, along with Invoice Register and OCR modules to reduce the amount of time businesses spend manually processing invoices, Integrity continues to increase its share of the market with powerful, robust construction-specific software systems.

Topcon Positioning Group

Innovation comes from thinking differently and addressing issues in new ways before they happen, and it is innovation that will drive change in the construction industry. Topcon is always one step ahead, providing solutions to the problems of today while developing innovations for the challenges of tomorrow. Working in partnership with the industry, Topcon ensures technology is meeting the needs of those on-site, while investing in research to understand the barriers to adoption.

Vencuro, Morson International and Murphy

Now a standalone division in the Morson Group’s suite of added-value talent solutions, Vencuro provides a multi-platform recruitment intelligence tool, which has transformed talent acquisition at engineering and construction giant Murphy.

Working to source and retain labour crucial to the delivery of world-class infrastructure projects, Murphy’s adoption of Vencuro has standardised and simplified recruitment by using automation to seamlessly manage end-to-end tasks, while enabling complete visibility of recruitment in real-time, including costs, efficiency and retention.

The winner of Best Technology Partner will be announced at a gala dinner taking place at The Midland Hotel, Manchester, on 23 October.


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