PBC Today comes to the end of our preview of the Building Innovation Awards with a look at the prestigious Young Innovator 2019 category

One of the reasons embracing digital transformation is so important for construction is that it keeps the industry relevant to young people and ensures the sector can attract the next generation of designers, manufacturers and builders.

This award will recognise a rising star who is using innovative materials, technologies and practices to take construction productivity, safety and sustainability to new levels.

The nominees for Young Innovator are:

Hannah Muller-Jones – BuroHappold Engineering 

Hannah’s enthusiastic approach to problem solving is adding value through efficiency. She has used her own skills to create productivity both within her own work, her wider MEP team and other disciplines across the practice by automating monotonous tasks. She is computational champion in London and has taught varying levels of visual programming training to her team, enabling and supporting them to upskill and create their own efficiencies to ultimately save time for better engineering.

Harry Bowen – Mid Wales Property 

From the outset, Harry has identified areas where MWP to innovate to improve the way they deliver project and the overall performance of the buildings they develop. Undeterred by Mid Wales Property’s size, Harry has shown that innovation is both attainable and beneficial for smaller construction companies. Harry is passionate about capturing lessons learned and continues to find new ways to in-corporate innovation into MWP business.

Ivo Tedbury – Semblr Technologies 

Ivo Tedbury has been innovating in the field of automated construction processes for several years, winning several prizes in recognition of his research at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. Since developing the first-ever bricklaying robot to apply a ‘relative’ approach, he has successfully transitioned from academia into business, co-founding the start-up Semblr Technologies. At Semblr, he is leading the development of small, affordable robots for UK construction sites.

Katya Veleva – Archilizer

Katya is a thinker, not a clicker. With her work she aims to clear architectural design and modelling of dull and repetitive tasks so that designers can dedicate all their resources to what they do best – design.

The winner of the Young Innovator award will be announced at the Building Innovation Awards gala dinner to be held at The Midland Hotel, Manchester, on 23 October.


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